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March 29, 2019
Posted on: March 29th, 2019 by Jerry Schwartz
Multiple Charging Models

Invoice management shouldn’t be an obstacle for any business. When enterprises begin to flourish, and the customer base grows, invoice management becomes a daunting task where any error carries critical business risks. Over charge a customer and they may leave; miss a charge and threaten your bottom line.

To combat these risks, BillingPlatform offers a suite of invoice management services. With our services, you gain effective support for your growing needs. Discover more in the following video.

Watch this video to learn how BillingPlatform enable your management of thousands of invoices and more. You’ll discover:

●     Best practices for scaling customer invoices

●     Accurate invoice strategies that adapt to your business

●     Tools for enterprise level invoice management

Selecting a billing solution that supports your rating and automation needs is a challenge. So we put together the Comprehensive Guide to Automated Billing Processes, download it today.

Video Transcript

How do I manage thousands of invoices across different financial periods?

If you are an enterprise operation that has thousands of customers, you know that closing financial periods can involve verification and review of thousands of customer invoices across several different regions. Managing invoices at this volume and orchestrating the process across multiple regions or business units can be a challenge. To ensure accurate closing in a timely manner, enterprise companies need a single system that supports this process end to end and allows for segregation of invoices across relevant time and business boundaries.

Finance professionals in a global enterprise need tools that provide visibility into financial periods from a high level with the ability to drill down into the details of each transaction to quickly spot anomalies and resolve errors.

The BillingPlatform invoice management tool allows global finance teams to take action across large batches of invoices. To help bring your financial period to close faster and more accurately reopen and revised invoices and mass approve invoices in bulk for specific regions or business units. Monitor the entire process, so that you know exactly how many invoices have been approved, remain open, or are still processing.

In a world where enterprises conduct highly diverse operations in multiple locations across the globe, convenient, accurate and highly adaptive revenue management systems can make the difference between order and chaos. Your global business needs accurate enterprise invoice management that provides the visibility and controls to bring order evolving financial ecosystem.


Author: Jerry Schwartz
Jerry Schwartz
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