Solving the Build vs. Buy Dilemma

Should You Build or Buy Your Billing System?

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Explore Every Option Before Choosing Your Monetization Strategy


When it comes to replacing your billing system or choosing a new billing solution to support revenue management, one of the difficult questions you will face is whether to build a custom software set or purchase a solution from a vendor.

There are a variety of factors to consider when making the build vs. buy decision. This whitepaper helps you determine the right path for your organization.

Download the full whitepaper to discover a practical approach to weighing your options for billing solutions. The whitepaper covers the following topics:
• Question to answer before implementing a billing system
• Considerations for building a billing system
• Costs of building your own system
• Considerations for buying a billing system
• Common billing system requirements to consider

By reading our systematic exploration of billing options and considerations, you will find the approach that will lend the greatest success to your business.

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