Consolidating Multiple Billing Solutions

June 02, 2023

Nearly 25,000 IT service providers trust N‑able solutions to manage and secure their small and mid-size enterprise customers. This required extensive custom coding for pricing changes, discounts & new product/packaging launches. A large number of calculations were done outside of the billing system (like overages, usage pooling, mid-month upgrades, etc.) and a lack of upstream & downstream billing integration and reporting lead to the need for a comprehensive billing solution.

Joel Kemmerer, CIO at N-Able shares how together with BillingPlatform, N-Able can now support multiple entities and brands across the globe with:

  • Standardization on a single platform
  • Consolidated billing & financial reporting
  • Unified customer experience
  • Enabled innovative pricing models to capture more revenue faster – 5X faster cycles

Watch the case study here!

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