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We Support Enterprises with Diverse and Evolving Needs

Significantly reduce the Cost of Change

Rapidly support changes in data and processes with built-in configuration tools
Dramatically reduce change cycles with seamless platform extensions that support Rapid scalability
Seamlessly incorporate application configuration changes into integrations, business rules, core rating and reporting

Integrate with a Larger Ecosystem

Support built-in integrations with systems like for CRM, SAP for accounting and many more
Instantly Reflect changes to data and business rules with built-in, dynamic REST and SOAP APIs
Easily consume service usage from any number of sources for seamless, real-time rating and charging

Support Any Monetization Model

Support for an infinitely diverse product offering with configurable upsell, cross-sell, bundling and product dependency options
Leverage built-in workflow and business rules associated with products, accounts or anything you configure in the system to support your business
Leverage Built-in reporting tools that respond seamlessly to your unique configurations to create diverse reports and dashboards to monitor KPIs

Significantly Increase Speed to Market

Accelerate Product Development with flexible Product, Pricing and Bundling Capabilities
Support sophisticated account relationships from Households to Wholesalers
Comprehensive support for diverse Subscription and Metered Products with cross referencing, tiered discounting and overages

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live tv billing solution
Fully automated, invoicing and asset management system for in-flight data and voice services integrated with
Iridium satellite systems.
The billing system that provides dynamic support for their wide variety of diverse metered and subscription based products and services

Take Full Advantage of ourBilling System’s Standard Features

Subscription Management

  • Advanced Renewal & Proration Logic
  • Pre-paid/Post-Paid
  • Flexible Cycle Options
  • Upgrade/Downgrade/Discount logic

Advanced Invoicing & Rating

  • Configurable Time-based cycles
  • Customer-centric configuration
  • Event-based Invoicing Cycles
  • Multi-currency/Localized
  • Rules-based Charging
  • High-volume Metering from Any source

AdvancedPricing Capabilities

  • Intelligent Product Bundles
  • Unlimited Pricing Models
  • Multi-level Contract and Rate Overrides
  • Multiple Effective Dates and Renewal options
  • Subscriptions with Overage
  • Tiered Pricing and Discounts

Business Intelligence

  • Built-in, Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Scheduled Reports and Extracts
  • BI Integrations
  • Forecasting and Modeling

Account Receivables & Finance

  • Full life-cycle Management
  • Configurable/Customized Dunning
  • Balance Tracking & Management
  • Logic-based, Merchant Integration
  • Accounting Integration

Active Integration

  • Dynamic SOAP and REST API
  • Event-based, API Call-outs
  • High-volume, Usage Collection
  • Data Synchronization tools

Unlimited Platform Extensions

  • Fully Extensible Data Model
  • Business Rules and Workflow
  • Extensible User Interface
  • Robust Web Toolkit
  • Fully Integrated Customizations
  • Branding and Localization

Multi-level Account Hierarchies

  • Regions, Departments, BUs
  • Wholesale/Retail/Partner
  • Households and Billing Groups
  • Hierarchical Pricing, Rating, Invoicing & Payment


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