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Our industry agnostic billing solution adjusts to meet the needs of any industry, offering a comprehensive suite of features that help enterprises thrive in a world of ever-increasing demand and changing dynamics.

Across industries, we’ve streamlined monetization practices for Fortune 500 companies and smaller enterprises. Our solution extends your pricing and billing to create a synergistic flow between systems and processes, promoting success and dramatically enhancing revenue recognition.



Airlines Industry

The airline industry, like many others, is going through dramatic changes based on customer expectations. Offering ‘a la carte’ services has become the norm for every airline.

Our billing solution contains the core features needed to serve airline’s pricing models. But more importantly our flexibility can be leveraged to extend to more complex pricing and billing, such as usage-based services billed per customer. We specialize in simplifying the complex services by allowing you to define when, how and where to bill for products and services. We have transformed the billing operations for multiple transportation companies.

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Energy Industry

The energy industry has grown more dynamic over time. As a pioneer in usage-based billing, energy utilities are moving toward time-of-day rating that has further complicated operations.

In addition, energy consumers have evolving alternatives like solar and wind power. These alternatives require new billing design strategies, allowing for competitive services and power bundles that provide economic advantages. Our in-house experts have enabled multiple regulated and deregulated energy companies to thrive amid these challenges by creating new package offerings that meet consumer expectations.


Cellular Communications Industry

In an environment of heavy competition and global ubiquity, cellular services continue to evolve both in function as well as complexity.

New, global demand presents new opportunities for communications as well as growing complexities in billing for the end customer and for compliance, taxation and intra-LATA relationships. Communications companies make up a significant part of our current customer base so we have extensive experience in transforming the billing and invoicing practices for this industry.

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VoIP Industry

The expanded capabilities of VOIP communication has led to increased demand and stiff competition for this industry. The ability to provide unified product offerings with several billable dimensions on both retail and wholesale levels is critical to success in this market.

Our extensible billing solution provides new opportunities for competitive pricing and packaging, whether through licensed packages or usage-based rating. BillingPlatform allows this industry to offer one-time services as well, which could be a critical differentiator in this highly competitive market.


Video Communications Industry

Global broadband access has opened the door to a flood of opportunity in video entertainment as well as business video services. Video communications has become a critical part of bridging connectivity across continents to bring global organizations together.

Pricing can be a challenging mix of metered, reservation, and subscription charges that could also include other complementary services such as VoIP and audio conferencing. In this market, business operations require a billing system that is flexible enough to support any competitive pricing model. With our extensive experience in video and VoIP communications, BillingPlatform can offer improved operations.

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Engineering Industry

Billing for industrial engineering services can become complex. Frequently customers demand detailed break downs for specific charges that must evolve over the life cycle of a project.

We can produce customized invoices and reports of the life of any project. The BillingPlatform solution improves customer experience and leads to enhanced relationships over time. We can support the unique needs of your costumers through custom reports, invoices and an extensible customer portal for real-time delivery.


Satellite Industry

Satellite communications comes with its own unique challenges in usage collection, data mediation and customer billing.

Whether you need to rate TAP2 formatted CDRs or monetize several broadband products from a single feed, we can support your needs. Our solution’s integration capabilities and API extensibility can enable satellite billing needs quickly, without the need to customize via new coding projects.

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Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas takes a big cut of the pie in our global economy. As new energy alternatives begin to emerge, so do new technologies and billing options for these resources.

Companies that service the oil and gas industry require agile systems that can evolve with radical changes and shifting demand. BillingPlatform has supported customers who have faced complex challenges by offering new packaging that led to long-term success.


Aerospace Industry

Aerospace can encounter a vast array of billing challenges, ranging from highly complex communications billing to highly regulated equipment manufacturing. To remain compliant and competitive, your billing solution must support a wide this range of services, processes and regulations.

Complex billing needs is a scenario shared by every BillingPlatform customer. Our in-house experts have supported airlines, airports and associated services on numerous implementations. We have the experience you need to achieve your goals.

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Transportations Industry

As the world becomes more densely populated and energy costs rise, the demand for affordable and clean transportation also grows.

Consumers of these transportation services, such as smart bikes and electric scooters, demand easy and usage and subscription-based fees to help get them around town.

Our solution already supports several alternative transportation providers. Additionally, BillingPlatform supports the taxation and currency needs of any region, simplifying the customer experience.


Teleconferencing Industry

Teleconferencing come with fierce competition and complex billing.

The ability to support multidimensional products and services with several bundled options in real time requires sophisticated and robust billing solution. Additionally, quick system configuration is needed to compete with aggressive pricing pressures in a global marketplace.

As a company, BillingPlatform has been supporting the teleconferencing industry for many years. In fact, a teleconference company was one of our first customers and we have currently a large number of teleconferencing customers. We have extensive experience in transforming the billing and invoicing practices for this industry.

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Network Infrastructure Industry

The world’s communication services are supported by a network of complex, large-scale infrastructure components that span the globe.

Network infrastructures power today’s cloud storage and archiving. Billing for this industry can cover a vast array of evolving products and services from dark fiber leases to construction and installation fees.

Our extensible billing solution provides new opportunities for competitive pricing and packaging, whether through licensed packages or usage-based rating. BillingPlatform allows the infrastructure industry to offer one-time services as well, which could be a critical differentiator in this highly competitive market.


Intermodal Industry

The global economy depends on importing and exporting goods; transporting these goods across oceans and loading and offloading large volumes of containers in select ports. This intermodal industry requires highly secure and complementary information systems as well as complex billing with the flexibility to invoice for a variety of charges. Often the billing requires specialized delivery and dynamic/real-time invoicing cycles.

Whether you charge for throughput, or services such as labor and water, BillingPlatform provides the flexibility to support any product or process. We can dynamically create charges based on any dimensions, such as container length, load status, length or direction.

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Media Industry

Modern media comes in many formats, from print newspapers and magazines to a wide array of digital services (movies, music and broadcasting). Billing for these formats is equally vast with limitless permutations of subscriptions, metered charges, packaging and bundling. As the digital age gives rise to more packaging and subscription choices for digital media, billing for these services must be flexible enough to support marketing, sales, delivery, and collection.

We designed BillingPlatform to support endless configurations of product , packaging, charging, invoicing, and collections for rapid transformation in a highly evolving world economy. Our goal is to help you transform your media business to serve customer needs seamlessly and remain competitive in the digital economy.


Medical Industry

Advances in medicine and technology are saving lives while introducing new ways of charging for products and services. For example, medical device rental is a growing opportunity in the industry. But the opportunity presents a complex scenario where billing becomes intertwined with inventory management across variety of locations. Very few systems can handle this complexity.

The flexibility of our platform provides endless options for metering equipment usage, while tracking utilization across a variety of equipment types. BillingPlatform offers highly variable attributes that are both billable and valuable for reporting and ERP.

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