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Industries are changing faster than ever as a result of technological innovation and global connectedness. While this creates exciting growth opportunities, it also increases the complexity around many business functions, especially billing. Enterprises must be able to embrace Digital Transformation and adapt their billing practices effectively.

BillingPlatform is a powerful solution that enables companies to solve unique, industry-specific billing challenges with easy-to-use tools and a flexible architecture. We offer a comprehensive suite of core capabilities and platform features so that you can customize product packages that are tailored for your industry and customers.

Today, we address complex billing issues for multinational Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses across a wide range of industries. Below are a few of the specific areas in which we currently operate.


Communications Industry

In the communications sector, many companies are stuck with outdated billing systems that can’t integrate usage data with rating and invoicing, a significant inhibitor to deploying new pricing plans. On top of that, these companies are constantly wrestling with how to stem the revenue loss from traditional services. Complicating it all, compliance, taxation, and government regulations are constantly changing, forcing companies to modify core business processes.

Fortunately, BillingPlatform enables communications companies to meet 100% of their business needs with a cloud-based solution supporting the complete order-to-cash process in a single solution. From core functions like mediation, billing and revenue recognition, our flexible platform enables enterprises to increase revenue and drive operational efficiency. Communication enterprises are able to deploy new, innovative consumption-based billing models within our secure and agile architecture. We have worked with many companies in the sector, including global collaboration services providers, teleconferencing platforms, and others, that connect people from all over the world.

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Energy Industry

The energy industry is extremely dynamic and competitive. Sustainable energy providers continue to gain momentum while oil and gas companies look for ways to innovate and attract new clients. Additionally, the energy sector, which originally pioneered consumption-based billing, is now moving towards time-of-day rating and other complex usage billing models.

Regardless of your niche, you can customize our solution to meet your unique billing needs and deploy innovative pricing strategies for the energy space that customers demand. At BillingPlatform, we have in-house experts that have helped both regulated and deregulated energy companies evolve their billing practices for the modern age. Most recently, we supported a leading energy service provider in Asia Pac as they implemented centralized inventory management, automated billing, and more with our comprehensive solution.


Finance Industry

The traditional finance industry is rapidly evolving with technological innovation despite having to rely on legacy systems. Meanwhile, FinTech start-ups are disrupting the industry and bringing solutions that offer better customer service and greater convenience at a lower price. To combat these disruptors, financial institutions are exploring ways to serve customers more effectively through analytics and additional digital banking technologies. As a result, supporting the finance industry will only grow more complex over time.

Banks and FinTech companies alike need billing systems that can process high transaction volumes for payments, fees, and customer accounts and integrate with third-party applications, all while protecting confidential customer information. Fortunately, BillingPlatform is a secure, cloud-based solution capable of flexing to any business model and adapting to global, regional, and local compliance standards.

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Healthcare Industry

Like most industries, healthcare is changing the way it’s charging for products and services. From medical device rental to flexible revenue management for patient care, organizations involved in healthcare need the ability to manage complex scenarios intertwining inventory management and the patient healthcare experience.

Healthcare organizations need a billing solution that can be quickly customized and integrated within existing ecosystems without long development times or costly IT intervention. BillingPlatform can connect directly to inventory management systems, monetize medical device usage, and accelerate service-related cash flows, all while meeting data privacy standards. We currently support a healthcare services company that helps providers optimize their financial and clinical performance, as well as transition to value-based care.


Internet of Things Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our world in incredible ways. Companies are equipping everyday objects with internet- and data-accessible devices that can provide new value to their customers. IoT applications are extremely scalable and versatile, which means billing systems must be as well.

With BillingPlatform, innovative companies have an agile solution for gathering data from any connected device and converting customer usage into lucrative revenue streams. Already, we support enterprises in several niches, including bike-sharing, by monetizing usage data collected from IoT devices around the world.

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Media Industry

Historically, the media and entertainment industry has been dominated by recurring and one-time revenue models. While still relevant, the space is expanding to offer new types of pricing packages that keep consumers engaged in an age where they are inundated with content. Now, enterprises must be able to handle massive volumes of transactions and manage complex scenarios involving usage, bundled, and subscription pricing for all kinds of streaming platforms, from movies and music to educational content.

We designed BillingPlatform to support endless configurations for media products and entertainment platforms. Our solution can package, charge, invoice, and provision exactly how you want it to. To profit in today’s digital economy, our experts can help you convert manual billing into automated workflows that scale with your customer base. Today, we serve a number of innovative media companies: one company bills for in-flight satellite television, another company delivers targeted digital ads to millions of subscribers, and another sells and provides access to more than 22,000 online textbooks.


Retail Industry

The modern retail space is now as much digital as it is physical. In order to remain competitive, retailers must have an eCommerce capability that can scale quickly and integrate with inventory management systems that simultaneously track physical sales at brick-and-mortar locations.

BillingPlatform makes it easy for large retailers to connect billing with their inventory throughout their geographic footprints and automate workflows, including credit approvals, invoicing, and customer communications. Our solution can centralize your retail billing functions so that you can accelerate cash flows. In the past, we have used our expertise to help national retailers transform manual billing processes into efficient monetization ecosystems that maximize billing productivity across all locations.

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Software Industry

In the Software and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industries, pricing models are evolving as fast as the underlying technologies. Companies are deploying combinations of one-time, “as-a-service,” metered, and subscription billing models and offering tremendous flexibility to their customers.

With BillingPlatform, you can monetize innovative, SaaS products and services easily with our extensible and configurable solution. Decrease your time-to-market when rolling out new offerings and build creative pricing packages based on any metrics that you choose. Move beyond rigid licensing models and let customers pay for exactly what they want, when they want it.


Travel, Transportation, and Logistics Industry

In the travel, transportation, and logistics industry, businesses that want to streamline operations need flexible and sophisticated billing systems. For example, airports have to manage revenue collection for many activities, including flight movements, aircraft parking, ground power, retail, and more. Their billing systems must be able to rate, invoice, and collect in an automated fashion to be effective. Logistics companies need to manage vast inventory and shipping databases, as well as leverage data, such as distance traveled and weight or speed of delivery, to accurately account for services.

With BillingPlatform, enterprises in travel, transportation, and logistics have everything they need to deploy creative pricing models and streamline operations. Over the years, we have helped many businesses, including international airlines, bike sharing companies, delivery services, and an airport automate their business processes and simplify billing with our scalable, cloud-based platform.

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