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Centralize and Optimize your Operations with our powerful billing solution

Billing Platform allows you to centralize and optimize your billing process under one powerful application. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of freight and intermodal functionality; from invoicing, tariffs and rating, customer management, integrations, customizations, and much more. The platform is your all-encompassing billing solution.  


intermodal invoicing

Automated, Real-time Invoicing and Rating Cycles

Optimize Revenue Recognition with the most efficient, fluid rating and invoicing engine in the world. Automatically Rate and deliver invoices in Real-time based on rules you define.  

Automated Time-based Cycles

In addition to real-time, usage rating and invoicing, Billing Platform provides time-based invoicing with an unlimited ability to define cycles based on product types or customer preference. Allow the system to automatically collect relevant billable events according to multiple cycles to fulfill even the most complex charging models with simple configuration.  

Unlimited Templates

Deliver your customers the exact information they need in a format that best suits them using our unlimited invoice templates – assignable at the product, customer or event type.  

Configurable Delivery & Charge Routing Options

Collect usage and throughput data associated with a particular carrier and allow the system to determine who the billing party is based on simple configuration.

Dynamic charge routing and invoice delivery routing ensures that the right people receive the correct invoices with the right rates in an easy to manage, automated, real-time system.




Comprehensive Customer Pricing

Implement customer specific pricing for any product defined in the system on an individual Contract or Tariff. Base contract rates on geographic dimensions such as terminal or service route. Support Shared Contracts across multiple customers intermodal tariff

Unlimited Product Customizations

Billing Platform supports an unlimited ability to define new product offerings and charging models that fit the most complex, creative rating and billing imaginable in an intuitive and manageable fashion. Leverage the configurable product designer to mirror the way you do business today and support any future Idea, regulation or acquisition. Easily configure pricing based on weight, dimension, quantity, refrigeration, direction, time or any other attribute. Leverage tiered pricing to support volume or time thresholds. Easily configure rating to compute time-based charges for storage or demerge. Define products that support the unique way in which your organization bills for services such as Labor, Throughput, Water, or any service you provide.  


intermodal invoicing

Credits & Adjustments

Leverage the Billing Platform AR module to create credits and adjustments at a Customer, Invoice, or Line Item level. Integrate with ERP and Accounting systems such as People Soft and SAP to ensure up-to-the minute accounting and reporting accuracy.  

Configurable Alerts and Messaging

Configurable alerts and messaging takes the guess-work out of customer and system management by providing proactive warnings about critical customer and system events that impact business and operations.  

AR and Dunning

Take advantage of built-in AR and Dunning to keep balances up to date and inform customers of late or outstanding payments.  



Application Configuration &Development Platform

Enjoy complete freedom to conduct business exactly the way you need to, without compromise, by leveraging our comprehensive, application configuration and development platform. intermodal tariff

Flexible Data Model

Ensure that your new Billing application reflects the foundation of your business by quickly and easily Customizing the Data Model to fit your business processes, reporting and core rating and invoicing needs.  

Web Tool-kit

Utilize our Web Tool-kit to design any User interface and subsequent processing necessary for ease of use or integrated UI processing.  

ConfigurableWorkflow & Business Rules

Leverage Workflow and configurable Business Rules to rapidly implement the business logic and automation that ensures the most efficient use of people and systems.



intermodal invoicing

Open Integration Framework

Billing Platform Integrates with any system whether it be Yard Management, Accounting, or ERP to collect billing events and align accounting and inventory with our dynamic and easily configurable integration platform. Support multiple integration formats such as:
  • Flat-File
  • FTP
  • REST and SOAP
  • Any Other Protocol

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