Finance Control Dashboard Billing Intelligence Center

Total Control of Your Finance Operations

Experience total control over your finance operation with this configurable and robust revenue management dashboard. With this powerful tool, you have immediate visibility into the areas of your billing operation that are critical to managing an enterprise financial system.

Get a 360º view of the financial health of your organization

  • Search across customers, invoices and payments and access records in real-time
  • Manage invoicing and download your trial balance
  • See high-volume usage processing and email alerts
  • Predict how much cash to expect this month leveraging a business intelligence engine that considers average DSO per account
  • See which transactions are still open or view unallocated payments at a glance
  • Be proactive about churn using intelligent alerts & predictive analysis based on usage trends
  • View aging and billing trends
  • Look at past and forecasted revenue reports that combine billed revenue with past usage data and Salesforce pipeline data

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