BillingPlatform + Microsoft Dynamics
Your all-in-one solution to streamline the lead to revenue process

Now you can support the entire customer lifecycle with the BillingPlatform Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

Businesses looking to modernize their global financial operations need look no further than the BillingPlatform/Microsoft Dynamics best of breed solution. Our out-of-the-box connector allows enterprises to expand their operation quickly and easily with the leading finance application from Microsoft Dynamics and the leading cloud-based billing and monetization solution from BillingPlatform.
Customers can seamlessly integrate key account and finance data with billing, invoicing and payment data and automate end-to-end billing and revenue management to speed up the financial close process. With the ability to efficiently manage revenue recognition and financial reporting, finance and operations teams will have greater control and visibility..

Companies using this connector will immediately see results:

  • Maximize Efficiency – transfer data between systems to streamline the lead to revenue process
  • Improve Productivity – automate complex business processes to achieve new levels of efficiency for managing end-to-end customer care and monetization, simplifying operations, saving time and cost while reducing errors
  • Increase Flexibility – move beyond simple subscription billing with enhanced product catalog capabilities complemented by built-in mediation to monetize products with sophisticated usage and rating
  • Enhance Intelligence – make strategic decisions quickly with the planning and forecasting capabilities from Microsoft Azure and BI services

With the BillingPlatform for Microsoft Dynamics connector, companies in any industry can trust the fully automated and synchronized data solution to provide the total control needed to manage end-to-end billing and revenue management.

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