BillingPlatform for NetSuite
Bring all of your billing and resource management
data under one roof to create an integrated
financial ecosystem.

Seamless Data Transfer in Your Financial Ecosystem

Every business needs strong financial reporting to succeed. Businesses with high-volume recurring revenue or usage-based pricing tactics struggle to get the most out of their customer data and revenue metrics. Reporting for these complex business models presents unique challenges because the information is housed in separate systems, such as CRMs, Billing Solutions, and ERPs.
BillingPlatform customers can seamlessly integrate their billing, invoicing, and payment data with their accounting and financial data through our pre-built connector with Netsuite, the market’s leading accounting and ERP solution. With this “Built for Netsuite” connector, you can efficiently manage your revenue flows using NetSuite’s best-in-class, automated revenue recognition and financial reporting capabilities.

Sync Details:

The BillingPlatform/NetSuite connector is a two-way integration that syncs any records you configure between BillingPlatform and NetSuite. The following are example records.

  • Plans, Add-Ons, and Setup Fees
  • Customer Accounts
  • Invoices
  • Transactions
  • Credits
  • Custom records

The sync process can be configured to run on the schedule you determine—hourly, every two hours, or daily, depending on how you’d like to share information between the two systems.

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