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Next-Generation Billing for the Digital Age

Today, many organizations are exploring how to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create new sources of long-term revenue. However, monetizing Digital Transformation is challenging without flexible enterprise billing platforms that can adapt as organizations change.

When it comes to billing in today’s market, enterprises need total control over their billing applications -- from how they integrate with existing front and back-office systems to how they support complex, usage-based pricing tactics. With BillingPlatform, businesses have an all-in-one, cloud-based solution capable of enabling any business model in every geography.

The BillingPlatform Difference

Our platform is differentiated from all other billing systems in three key ways:


Because of our open platform architecture, our solution adapts to any business or product needs. You can easily configure BillingPlatform to your enterprise’s unique circumstances and deploy compelling pricing models that enable you to grow your customer relationships.


Our solution offers an unmatched breadth of functionality within a single, streamlined solution. We support billing along the entire order-to-cash process and allow businesses to create fully integrated financial ecosystems.


We provide the tools needed to simplify the complexity of any billing operation, enabling enterprises to thrive independently without heavy IT intervention or third-party assistance.

Core Capabilities BillingPlatform is designed to support every aspect of your enterprise’s billing operation.

We offer a comprehensive set of core capabilities that can be configured to enable any pricing strategy, from simple recurring revenue models to complex consumption-based pricing. With BillingPlatform, you have everything you need and more for next-generation billing in the Digital Age.

Our core capabilities include:

Platform Features BillingPlatform is not your typical enterprise billing system.

Thanks to our platform architecture and extensible data model, our solution can flex to any business model, industry, and geography. Companies have maximum control over the entirety of their billing operations, from mediation to invoicing to reporting and revenue recognition. With BillingPlatform, optimize your enterprise’s billing performance on your terms.

Our platform features include:

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