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Harness Your Billing Data to Optimize Billing Performance

Although businesses are inundated with data, many struggle to extract meaningful information that supports enterprise growth. BillingPlatform comes with powerful business intelligence tools that enable finance teams to evaluate the overall success of their billing operations.

  • Real-time Quantitative Analysis - BillingPlatform supports high-volume quantitative analysis with native tools that enable teams to apply data filters, create pivot tables, and manipulate data in real time as it is generated.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Configure BillingPlatform to report on every data element that is crucial to your business’s success. Build detailed reports that describe current billing performance and share this knowledge with important stakeholders.
  • Predictive Analytics - With BillingPlatform, extend your data model so that you can execute predictive analytics on any data elements that are relevant to your unique business.

Real-time Quantitative Analysis Analyze Your Billing Data at Scale

BillingPlatform enables finance team to run dynamic quantitative analyses on billing, product and customer data to generate real-time insights that can drive enterprise success.


Many businesses are capable of collecting large volumes of data. However, few are equipped with the tools they need to extract meaningful information at scale and translate findings into actionable strategies.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform enables finance teams to perform powerful quantitative analysis on their billing data as it is generated. Our solution contains native tools for data manipulation, including the ability to apply filters, create pivot tables, and automate complex calculations. With this capability, enterprises can harness the wealth of information available to them and discover cost saving or revenue potential opportunities.

Comprehensive Reporting Stay Informed With In-depth Reporting

Finance executives and managers must remain informed on how their business is performing for customers. BillingPlatform enables enterprises to create consolidated, custom reports and dashboards for crucial upstream and downstream data elements.


Enterprises must have billing systems that enable informed decision-making. Without a sophisticated reporting capability, finance teams are left with knowledge gaps and must manually build data dashboards in order to disseminate information to critical stakeholders.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform makes reporting easy. Our extensible data model allows you incorporate fields, objects, and relationships from external sources. With this consolidated data, enterprises can customize reports and dashboards according to their unique needs. Create scorecards for important data elements and connect directly to your data warehouse.


Predictive Analytics Prepare for the Future

Modern enterprises must be able to leverage their data to help prepare for the future. BillingPlatform empowers your enterprise to execute predictive analytics on any data elements they choose to derive insights that drive business success.


Billing systems that do not support predictive analytics force finance teams to export data and model outcomes outside of the platform, which is both inefficient and error-prone.

Our Solution

Thanks to our solution’s platform architecture, we make it easy for you to define, analyze, and evaluate important metrics that are specific to your business, like customer churn, future capacity, and growth. Create custom filters and categories for your data to enable predictive analytics on any variables that you want to study more closely.


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