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Manage Customer Contract Rates in Real Time

With customer contract information in the same system as billing,
you can easily change rate plans on the fly.

  • Real-Time Rules – Schedule automated rate changes to avoid manual processes that may limit revenue increases.
  • Global Rate Plan – Define rates that apply in multiple currencies to simplify account provisioning.
  • Account Hierarchies – Define rates for sub-accounts and override them for exceptions.
  • SKU Proliferation – Avoid creating too many SKUs in your system by flexibly packaging rates that represent one product with different rating methods.

Real-Time Rules Proactively preschedule rate changes according to contract terms

BillingPlatform lets you set new rules that can be processed by the individual account or in batches.


Manual systems may require agents to wait until the contract expiration date to change customer rates in the system.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform lets you set rules to determine customer rates and enables your agents to make changes now without having to wait for a future effective date.


Global Rate PlanDefine currency-specific rate classes

BillingPlatform lets you conduct sophisticated international contract billing by being able to set up currencies – even multiple currencies within the same contract.


Global accounts need to be able to tie customer contracts in multiple currencies and set a rate specific to those contracts.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform lets you set and define rate classes by currency according to the contract terms to simplify account provisioning. You can easily point to the appropriate rate class and select the currency that maps to your contract.

Account Hierarchies
Manage contracts within sub-accounts separately

BillingPlatform gives you complete flexibility in how you define account hierarchies, allowing for multiple contracts to exist within an account. With BillingPlatform you have complete control over your accounts through our flexible hierarchies.


Legacy billing systems don’t have the broad functionality to let you create account and rate hierarchies, which must be managed manually. Often, this causes frustration in contract management with smaller business units.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform allows you to manage multiple contracts within a single account hierarchy. Your business can dictate how each contract is managed. This allows you more control over contracts and sub-accounts throughout subsidiaries, regions, and smaller business units.

SKU ProliferationReduce the number of SKUs to streamline rate management

BillingPlatform helps prevent SKU proliferation, or having too many SKU’s that are redundant and can cause errors. Our system flexibility helps you properly define what are real products and what are contract differences.


When there are too many SKUs in the system that actually aren’t different products, users get confused or bogged down with having to wade through SKUs to find what they need.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform lets you flexibly set up SKUs by how the product is purchased, for example subscription billing for monthly, quarterly, or annual rates. This lets you package rates by buying behavior vs. setting up “new” products in the system.

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