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A Complete Billing Solution for Any Business and Industry

With BillingPlatform, you have access to an unparalleled range of core billing capabilities -- all within a single solution.

BillingPlatform offers above and beyond what standard billing systems provide. Rather than rely on third-party vendors to plug gaps in your billing cycle, leverage our breadth of functionality to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your billing operation.

Our platform is the only enterprise-scale, cloud-based billing solution capable of enabling any business model in every geography and industry. While other billing systems focus on one type of pricing strategy or industry, our platform can optimize any tactic, from simple subscriptions to complex usage-based billing and everything in between.

Our comprehensive set of core billing capabilities exists within a single, streamlined platform architecture that integrates seamlessly with your existing financial ecosystem. Easily configure and manage your critical billing activities, from revenue recognition to invoicing, all within our dynamic solution.

Core Capabilities

Account Management

BillingPlatform offers extensive functionality to help you stay on top of client accounts and provide excellent customer service. We give you full access to account information, enabling you to successfully manage customer relationships, customize payment terms, and identify receivables trends, thus ensuring the health of your accounts. Learn More

Accounts Receivable

Receivables are the backbone of every company’s financial success. BillingPlatform equips you with the tools you need to provide your customers convenient and reliable ways to pay their invoices. From setting up lockboxes for checks to accepting credit card payments through payment gateways, BillingPlatform offers many options so that you can maintain steady cash flow. Learn More

Business Intelligence

Give your decision makers the financial information they need to make important business decisions with actionable information about customers, real-time quantitative analysis for current performance management, and predictive analytics for modeling future outcomes. BillingPlatform lets you pull information directly from the system, configure tabular and graphical reports and dashboards, and schedule when they are produced. Learn More

Contract Management

BillingPlatform lets you configure contracts to suit every business need and industry. Our solution gives you complete flexibility: define rates for sub-accounts in account hierarchies, set up multiple currencies within the same contract, schedule rate changes without having to wait until the future effective date, and reduce SKU proliferation by separating price configuration from the product definition, all in one solution. We also make it easy for you to alter the price of your products without having to create new products every time. Learn More

Collections and Dunning

BillingPlatform automates each step of the collections and dunning process, dramatically reducing your collections cycle and allowing you to receive overdue payments quickly. Thanks to BillingPlatform’s configurability, you can generate notifications in a multitude of ways and design reminders according to your customers’ cultural preferences. Send communications through emails, letters, or text messages in your customers’ native languages and maintain strong relationships with them over time. Learn More

Customer Self-Service Portal

The BillingPlatform Customer Portal gives your customers a convenient way to access their billing information and handle their billing tasks online, such as checking invoices, making payments, resolving collections issues, and more. The portal is also a way for you to share information with your customers and serves as a central location to communicate with them vs. unproductive email chains. Learn More


In BillingPlatform, you can easily configure your invoices by geography, subsidiary, customer, or industry. The beauty of BillingPlatform’s agile architecture is that users can set up invoicing independently without any custom coding or IT assistance. Learn More


Today, new technologies are driving innovative, consumption-based business models. With native mediation capabilities, BillingPlatform lets you normalize raw usage data from any source so that it can be accurately rated and invoiced. Having mediation as a core internal feature helps you deploy and monetize products and services much more quickly and efficiently. Learn More

Product Catalog

BillingPlatform enables you to easily define the rules for pricing and rating methods in your product catalog, allowing you to quickly bring new products and services to market. With our flexible product configuration, you can monetize and customize offerings to give customers the best possible price and increase loyalty to your brand. Learn More

Revenue Recognition

BillingPlatform houses all billing and accounts receivable data in one integrated platform and provides the most accurate revenue recognition processes possible. Our native integration makes it easy to automate revenue recognition rules and regulations for your unique billing model, industry, and geography. Learn More


BillingPlatform has a sophisticated subledger functionality that keeps all billing and subledger information in one place. Through our configurable subledger, categorize how you manage entries so that you can better maintain your general ledger, reduce errors, and improve efficiency. Learn More

Subscription Billing

BillingPlatform allows you to customize, manage and automate billing models that are tailored to your specific customers. Our platform provides you with the flexibility to launch and monetize new subscription-based products quickly, which is critical in today’s digital economy. Learn More

Usage-based Billing

BillingPlatform lets you collect and monetize any type of usage and consumption data to drive your business forward with creative and flexible pricing strategies. We empower companies to configure their billing with a variety of parameters, such as user profile, usage, product, and feature, or define their own metered terms. Learn More

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