Unlock Your Revenue Potential with Our Extensible Data Model

Optimize billing productivity for any business model with total control over your data model, billing workflows, and integrations.

Built with Extension and Customization in Mind

BillingPlatform has an open architecture, which means your data model is completely configurable and extensible. As a result, you can configure the billing solution to enable your unique business strategy without costly IT development.

  • Configurable Data Architecture - Create and define objects and relationships as needed across the application to ensure the solution caters to your specific business.
  • Synchronized Data - Our extensible data model combines with our Automation Engine to enable every business process and workflow from systems that complement billing. Extend your data as needed and execute with efficiency and speed.
  • Streamlined Integrations - Thanks to our flexible data model, your billing solution can adapt and integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications. Easily configure data fields to align with the rest of your financial ecosystem without costly programming or IT intervention.
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Having an extensible data model means that you can create dashboards and reports that truly represent your business operations. As a result, you can evaluate the nuances of your enterprise’s performance for any product or service.

Flexible by Design
Configurable Data Architecture

Take full advantage of our solution’s flexible metadata approach, dynamic APIs, intuitive UI, and integration platform to ensure that your billing solution conforms to how your enterprise functions.


Billing solutions with out-of-the-box data fields, objects, and relationships cannot flex to meet new, innovative businesses that use metered usage or complex, formula-based plans. As a result, companies are held captive by the rigidity of their billing systems and miss out on competitive offerings with real-time operations.

Our Solution

With BillingPlatform, you can easily configure the data model in just a few clicks. You can define exactly how your data is classified by adding fields, objects, and relationships within our intuitive solution without customer coding or IT intervention Your data configurations are immediately reflected in all connected systems — allowing you to modify accounts, contracts, and workflows based on custom objects.

Achieve Maximum Business Efficiency
Synchronized Data

Enhance BillingPlatform to conform to how your enterprise operates so that you can automate critical business activities involving multiple systems. Build rules-based workflows on top of your data model and optimize the end-to-end financial process for your enterprise.


Without full access to a custom data model, businesses have to manipulate data manually or build extensions before information can feed into workflows for other systems, such as a general ledger. Consequently, these companies maintain wasteful or inefficient operations that should execute automatically.

Our Solution

By giving you complete control over the data model, you can create, edit, and update data fields to match and synchronize information with other crucial enterprise applications. As a result, you can automate business processes involving multiple systems and reduce manual effort across the organization.

Your Business Ecosystem – Optimized
Streamlined Integrations

Your billing system should integrate seamlessly with your business ecosystem. BillingPlatform’s flexible data model enables you to create direct links between your billing solution and essential systems, like your CRM and ERP, and adapt to fast-changing competitive dynamics.


With a rigid billing system, it can take significant time and effort to ensure your data exists and is accurately represented in all the right places. Consequently, business ecosystems require inefficient workarounds and manual processes for routine activities. For example, you may need to calculate your general ledger entries manually and paste them into the appropriate locations.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform allows you to extend your data model across the entire business, so that you don’t have to manually move data or create custom extensions for different systems. When you’re ready to launch a new product or service, simply update your data model and push changes to the rest of your ecosystem with clicks, not code. You can evolve quickly with the market and respond to industry disruption without expensive IT development.


Tailored Reporting
Comprehensive Reporting

With BillingPlatform, you can create reports and dashboards that reflect the true nature of your business. Discover valuable insights about your products and services that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Billing systems that lack the intelligent tools to dig into critical data prevent companies from analyzing every aspect of their business operation. Therefore, they can’t identify opportunities to improve and leave revenue potential on the table.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform allows you to create reports according to your specific business at the metadata level, so that you can dig into the details to evaluate key performance indicators such as productivity and cash flow. Define metrics for dynamic rating methods or usage-based models and generate compelling data visualizations and dashboards that your team can understand.

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