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Transform data from any source to capture revenue from usage-based billing in real time with our native mediation engine

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Mediate Any Data for Innovative, Usage-Based Pricing Models

BillingPlatform’s mediation engine can ingest and convert all raw usage data for billing and reporting.

  • Robust Usage Data Conversion - Transform massive volumes of raw usage data, no matter the source, into billing data that can be accurately rated and invoiced.
  • Built-in Mediation - With an automated built-in mediation capability, BillingPlatform can handle any data and volume with no programming, custom coding, or expensive third-party intervention needed.
  • Innovating Pricing Models - With a sophisticated mediation engine, your enterprise can deploy innovative and flexible usage-based pricing models that meet the unique needs of your customers.

Robust Usage Data Conversion Normalize All Usage Data From Any Source in Real Time

BillingPlatform’s native mediation engine can gather, normalize, enrich, and route usage data of any kind and enable highly tailored pricing models that companies and customers love.


In the past, billing mediation was done manually as usage data was much more manageable. Now, enterprises that do not have sophisticated mediation engines are quickly overwhelmed and unable to deploy next-gen pricing strategies for customers.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s built-in mediation engine allows enterprises to collect and convert raw usage data from diverse sources. Our engine can scale with your enterprise’s growth and ingest massive volumes of data for billing.

Built-in Mediation Customize and Automate All Data Mediation Activities In-house

With BillingPlatform, enterprises have a native mediation capability that does not have to be augmented in any way. No add-on tools are needed, saving companies time and money on costly integrations and third-party mediation solutions.


Many billing systems do not come with built-in mediation. Instead they must rely on third-party applications to help monetize these products, which leave room for failed integrations and data errors.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform includes an automated, rules-based mediation engine capable of normalizing data, filtering out unnecessary usage records, and routing information to the appropriate customer accounts. Enterprises can mediate and bill within a single system.


Innovative Pricing Deploy Innovative, Usage-based Pricing Tactics

BillingPlatform enables your organization to embrace digital transformation and turn any customer behaviors into revenue opportunities.


Enterprises that lack robust mediation capabilities are unable to efficiently deploy innovative products or next-gen pricing tactics without manual effort or third-party intervention. Both of these tactics introduce risk into billing processes and may result in unforeseen operational expenses.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s native mediation engine enables enterprises to offer flexible pricing tactics that meet unique customer needs. With our solution, easily monetize Internet of Things or other consumption-based business models.


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