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Manage critical revenue information with our native subledger to ease the accounting close process

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Keep Your Critical Revenue Information in One Place

BillingPlatform’s native subledger makes it easy for controllership to easily evolve the financial systems as product offerings change.

  • Billing & Accounting Integration - BillingPlatform supports billing and revenue subledger activity (Cash, AR, Revenue, Deferred Revenue, etc) in one integrated and efficient system. Read More
  • ERP Autonomy - BillingPlatform’s subledger functions independently from ERP software, enabling enterprises to reduce crippling bottlenecks within their billing processes. Read More
  • Process Acceleration - BillingPlatform provides better reporting giving finances teams readily available data enabling deeper and more effective analysis. Read More

Billing & Accounting Integration A Complete View of Billing and Accounting Data

BillingPlatform provides you with a complete picture of all your billing and accounting records, thus providing your business with unparalleled analytics and financial reporting capabilities.


Maintaining separate billing and accounting systems can be highly inefficient and introduces significant risk into billing processes that depend on subledger accuracy.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform offers complete native integration between billing and accounting so that companies can stay on top of all financial activity related to billing. The subledger allows you to track, allocate, and recognize revenue from multiple pricing tactics, then once all revenue is ready to be recognized, the integration delivers this information to your general ledger.

ERP Autonomy Reduce Billing Inefficiency by Preserving Your ERP’s Autonomy

While BillingPlatform does integrate with any ERP system, our subledger functionality can exist independently without pushing data through your ERP.


Anytime you change your business model (offerings or pricing strategies, etc.) your billing system needs to change also. Any weakness in your enterprise’s ability to modify billing along with these changes creates a bottleneck for innovation.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s subledger feature can operate without ERP intervention, thus enabling efficient data flows that are not subject to IT processes. This capability allows your finance team to decide when revenue can be recognized in the general ledger without causing errors.


Process Acceleration Unparalleled Financial Processing Speed

BillingPlatform’s subledger feature can integrate with all essential financial systems so that any updates to financial data are reflected in real time.


Many billing solutions come with clunky subledger functions that do not work well with other financial systems, thus slowing down critical product innovation.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s subledger integrates with the Product Catalog, Customer Master, Dunning, Collections, and Payment Management, which helps accelerate data processing for revenue recognition and allocation.

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