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Monetizing User Consumption
Through Innovative Usage-Based Pricing

Only charge customers for what they use through BillingPlatform’s consumption-based pricing capability.

  • Agile Billing - Quickly deploy tailored, consumption-based pricing for your customers and give them flexibility when it comes to paying for your products and services.
  • Data Versatility - Monetize any type of product data and transform behavior into billable information for your products and services.
  • Scalability - Scale usage-based pricing packages with ease through BillingPlatform’s flexible architecture that can grow with any level of utilization.
  • Pricing Tiers - Customize consumption-based pricing packages on a variety of parameters, including product type, client type, and much more.

Agile Billing Rapidly Deploy Innovative and Competitive Pricing Packages

Leverage BillingPlatform’s cloud-based solution with built-in data mediation to create versatile usage-based billing models. These native capabilities adapt to any business scenario or industry, allowing you to stay competitive in today’s ever-evolving global economy.


Rigid billing systems are unable to track consumer behavior at scale and monetize raw usage data from a variety of sources.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform lets you configure your system to accommodate a diversity of pricing models from a variety of usage sources. This flexibility has enabled our clients to enrich their offerings with creative pricing models that charge users based on utilization.

Data Versatility Monetize Any User Data, No Matter the Volume or Complexity

BillingPlatform allows you to natively mediate data from any product or service and turn customer usage directly into invoices without manual intervention.


Traditionally, enterprises have been able to perform mediation manually or through third-party applications. However, modern businesses need sophisticated mediation capabilities that can work with all types of data from many sources and at enterprise scale — millions of transactions daily.

Our Solution

Because BillingPlatform is built to adapt, the solution can mediate hundreds of data types and monetize millions of consumer actions daily across any sector. Additionally, BillingPlatform flexes to meet new and proprietary data types.

Scalability Quickly Scale Usage-based Pricing Packages to Meet Demand

With BillingPlatform, you can define every aspect of your usage-based pricing model, from how products are metered to how invoices are processed, allowing you to scale rapidly when needed.


Many billing systems require significant IT intervention or custom coding to mediate usage data. Meeting large scale needs takes time. In today’s fast-moving and competitive marketplace, enterprises cannot afford lengthy and expensive development cycles.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s flexible architecture enables tremendous scalability. Our open platform can evolve with any type of business, supporting consumption-based pricing at large enterprises. Additionally, our low-code environment allows you to configure the solution for your needs without IT intervention.


Pricing Tiers Offer Customers Complete Flexibility

In today’s world, offering pricing tiers is an effective way to respond to the unique needs of different types of customers. BillingPlatform’s consumption-based model support allows you to include usage-driven pricing packages or add ons that diversify your offerings.


Many billing systems are too rigid and inflexible to support pricing tiers, an extremely popular pricing strategy in the modern digital economy. If tiers are desired and the billing solution only delivers one-size-fits-all options, custom development is required.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform gives you complete control over usage-based billing so that you can meet the needs of different types of customers. Easily deploy and manage various pricing tiers (e.g. Basic, Pro, and Enterprise tiers) to meet your unique customer needs.

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