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Billing automation eliminates manual tasks and IT dependency with point & click configuration to automate critical business processes at scale

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Easily Automate Enterprise-scale Billing

BillingPlatform enables enterprises to automate nuanced billing processes for complex business models. Easily set up automation around common and complex billing functions, including invoicing, payment collection, provisioning, dunning, approvals, and customer-event based triggers.

  • Streamline Billing Processes – Create custom rules within our dynamic billing solution that enable you to streamline critical billing activities, from usage collection to mediation.
  • Fluid Invoicing & Payment Processing – Invoice and process payments in real time with automated, customer-centric cycles and settings.
  • Record Management – Use BillingPlatform to store important billing records, address validation issues, and create clear audit trails for external review.
  • Sequenced Events – BillingPlatform enables workflows that are triggered by events, like record updates, or initiated at certain time intervals.

Streamline Billing ProcessesConfigure Workflow Rules That Suit Your Business

BillingPlatform is designed to execute critical billing processes at scale, so that finance teams can maximize billing productivity across various processes. Our workflow engine is fully integrated with every aspect of the application, enabling maximum productivity and minimal manual activity.


Rigid billing systems that lack automation capabilities prevent enterprises from developing new custom workflows that suit their unique business models and operational needs.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s rules-based workflow engine can automate complex billing processes with ease and efficiency. Not only do we offer common automation tasks for most business scenarios, but finance teams can create tailored workflows for their specific businesses. With no coding, streamline your operation around core functions, such as payment collection, dunning, approvals, and invoicing, and optimize your system to scale rapidly.

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Fluid Invoicing and Payment Processing Accelerate Invoicing and Cash Flow

BillingPlatform helps enterprises accelerate cash flow through invoicing and payment processing automation. Configure workflows to automatically send invoices and collect payments so that you can save time in business operations..


Manual invoicing and payment processing can weigh down billing productivity significantly, especially when dealing with complex pricing models.

Our Solution

Fully automate your invoicing and payment processing with BillingPlatform through customer-centric cycles and settings. Configure our agile solution to bill and collect payments in real time from customers without any manual effort. Doing so unclogs your billing cycle and accelerates cash flows for your enterprise.


Records Management Consolidate Your Billing Records

BillingPlatform makes record management easy. Create workflows that automatically preserve important records for future audits, billing processes, or performance analyses. Additionally, automate validation and approval processes to increase first time billing accuracy and cash flows.


Enterprises that lack automated recordkeeping capabilities are forced to create audit trails and manage records manually, which is extremely risky in today’s closely managed regulatory landscape.

Our Solution

With BillingPlatform, finance teams can stay on top of their billing records and proactively validate customer billing methods. Configure our solution to push insights directly to custom dashboards and reports and leverage our extensible data model to edit records through common database actions, such as Create, Retrieve, and Query.

Sequenced Events Orchestrate Workflows Based on Any System Trigger

BillingPlatform enables finance teams to create automated workflows built around sequences of events and actions. Easily orchestrate workflow timing or create workflows based on triggers within our highly configurable solution.


Companies that cannot execute sequential automation across multiple applications operate at a significant disadvantage from an efficiency standpoint. They manually perform functions that other enterprises automate at scale with detailed workflow sequences and time-based triggers.

Our Solution

With BillingPlatform, finance teams can set up and execute complex workflows involving multiple steps and systems with simple point-and-click interfaces. Create workflow-based alerts and notifications that allow you to inform managers of pending approvals or rejected items, as well as alert customers of contract renewals or credit card expirations.

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