Digital transformation has changed the way many companies do business. This eBook explores similar changes to the role of Chief Technology Officer.

If you’re wondering how you can adapt with these changes, discover the benefits inherent in modern billing solutions for monetizing product innovations. Download this eBook and discover the following:

  • Launch product innovations quickly
  • Monetize IoT and increase revenue
  • Automate billing to improve customer retention
  • Leverage the cloud to reduce costs

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Organization leaders and companies of all sizes are leveraging digital transformation in their industry, market, and business using a myriad of disruptive technologies like connectivity, business intelligence and big data.

CFOs who manage to get in front of these technologies will lead their businesses to greater success. This eBook illustrates how cloud-based billing management offers the quickest path toward this transformation.

Download this eBook to explore how the right solution can help you:

  • Increase streams of revenue with new technologies
  • Launch product innovations quickly
  • Automate billing to improve customer retention
  • Leverage the cloud to reduce costs

Adapting today can mean the difference between success and obsolescence. With the right billing solution your business can thrive in these challenging times. Discover how today.

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Discover a practical approach to weighing your options for billing solutions.

The whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • Question to answer before implementing a billing system.
  • Considerations for building a billing system.
  • Cost of building your own system.
  • Considerations for buying a billing system.
  • Common billing system requirements to consider.

Our systematic exploration will help you determine the right approach to billing for your business.

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Automating critical billing processes is the first step toward taking control of your organization’s billing procedures and maximizing efficiencies.

If you have complex billing processes, your enterprise will benefit greatly from automating as much of your billing as possible. Download this whitepaper and discover the following:

  • Billing challenges most companies face.
  • Benefits delivered with automated billing processes.
  • Implementation strategies that support automation.
  • Four features critical to billing automation success.

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Discover best path forward for monetizing your SaaS products

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Billing solution innovation facilitated by the SaaS economy.
  • Common SaaS pricing models and strategies.
  • Feature requirements for monetizing SaaS products.

You’ll learn what to look for in a billing solution and understand what questions you need to ask before committing to an agile billing platform.

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Every Billing Platform Looks The Same… Unless You Know What To Ask.

This executive brief describes:

  • The most important capabilities in any billing solution.
  • How the major billing solution vendors differ in each area.
  • The exact questions to ask vendors...including your current vendor.

This whitepaper outlines the areas to consider when evaluating billing solutions. For each, we provide a description of the area, an explanation of the range of differentiation between billing vendors, and when to consider one approach over another. We also give you the exact questions to ask.

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Agile Billing is the capability to rapidly monetize new and evolving business opportunities

This means the ability to quickly:

  • Deploy new pricing models and competitive packages
  • Create new products and repackage existing products
  • Enter new industries and support acquisitions
  • Accommodate new business processes.

Read this whitepaper to learn how an agile platform transforms billing from an afterthought, isolated to the back-office, to a powerful tool for modeling and capturing new business.

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Billing systems are one of the primary interfaces between you, your customer, and their pocketbook; as such, it carries tremendous responsibility.

This means, at a minimum, a billing system must:

  • Be excellent at rating, charging, and invoicing.
  • Provide infinite choices to configure and adapt to constant changes in the external environment.
  • Not assume a specific charging model, product line, geography, billing cycle, currency, or customer will remain static over time.

Read this whitepaper to learn what you need in a billing system, and how a billing system should adapt to evolving product portfolios, new customer segments, and new functional requirements to support a changing business.

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Billing in today’s economy evolves rapidly. Don’t get left behind.

Download this complete glossary to discover:

  • Guidance for the changing landscape of billing complexity
  • Methods for competing in the digital economy
  • Strategies for continued business success

This ultimate guide puts you on equal footing with your competition. By acquainting yourself with these terms, your enterprise will be poised for successful billing in the digital age. READ WHITEPAPER
The prevalence of information, connectivity and smart devices has dramatically changed how the world does business. This infographic explores how digital transformation has forced an evolution in billing systems.

Download the infographic to explore:

  • Digital transformation trends and statistics
  • Four survival tactics provided by cloud-based billing
  • Proven capabilities that allow your business to thrive

The right billing solution enables your business success. The wrong decision can tie your company to one-size-fits-all business practices.

Download this infographic to discover how choosing can be as easy as the ABCs.

  • Critical principles for successful enterprise billing
  • A spectrum of billing solution capabilities
  • Critical questions to guide your decisions

"Billers today—who can understand them?” Dunning, proration, refactoring, billing in arrears… need I continue?

To prove our point, we made a billing crossword puzzle. Print it and fill it in. Have your peers in other departments take it, too. Access Now
Analyst Reports

MGI Research recently released an updated ratings report for Agile Monetization Platform vendors. We are thrilled that MGI recognized BillingPlatform by raising their rating of our solution.

Explore the rating details for our performance in:

  • Product
  • Management
  • Channel
  • Strategy
  • Finance

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Discover the billing requirements needed for successful SaaS business support. This 2 minute video demonstrates BillingPlatform's support for the latest trends in SaaS Pricing.

Watch this video and discover how BillingPlatform enables SaaS providers to:
  • Deploy pricing that customers want
  • Reduce time to market/revenue
  • Support complete revenue workflow
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The Power of the Platform: BillingPlatform's Difference

Empower your business with a billing system that adapts to your needs. BillingPlatform provides a unique, cloud-based platform that easily flexes to solve any billing challenge.

Watch this video to see how our unique platform architecture enables three capabilities that offer unlimited adaptability for your business:
  • Customizable Data Model
  • Built-in Workflow Engine
  • Dynamic APIs
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Business Automation: Eliminate Spreadsheet Processing

Accelerate your critical business workflows with BillingPlatform's extensive automation capabilities.

Watch this brief video to see how we can:
  • Eliminate costly manual errors
  • Accelerate your critical business processes
  • Increase your bottom line
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Airport Billing: Smoothing Processes

Discover why a major international airport trusts BillingPlatform to manage their complex needs.

You’ll see how BillingPlatform can:
  • Consolidate and simplify diverse billing requirements
  • Manage rating and billing for complex aviation-based activities
  • Provide agile monetization for non-aviation activities in a single system
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Build vs Buy: Do You Have to Choose?

When it comes to upgrading or replacing your billing management system, you may face a very important question—to build or to buy?

This short video demonstrates:
  • Building a system requires vital resources
  • Buying a system leads to constraints
  • Building for current and future needs is possible
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Product Overview: Keep Pace with BillingPlatform’s Agile Features

In this video, discover how BillingPlatform enables your enterprise to thrive in a fast-paced, global economy.

Learn how BillingPlatform’s robust and flexible features allow you to:
  • Evolve to compete in the age of digital transformation
  • Convert your ideas into new revenue streams
  • Customize functionality and automate processing without coding
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Video: Effective Mass Rate Management

The ability to adjust rates in bulk is critical to any enterprise with a complex billing model. BillngPlatform's mass rate management tool gives you just that.

Learn how you can:
  • Independently manage the product definition, rating method/logic, contracted rates, and the mechanism for collecting service usage
  • Set an “effective date” for a price or rate change
  • Use rating tiers to manage rate changes for a single customer or group of customers
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Video: Benefits of Integrating Billing with Salesforce

This 4-minute video explains how integrating billing with Salesforce can help accelerate revenue generation, save time, and streamline billing operations.

Watch this video to:
  • Hear how an integration improves revenue forecasting
  • Learn the key performance indicators (KPIs) you will be able to measure-- allowing you to make more informed business decisions
  • Understand the benefits of integrating billing to Salesforce for business executives, sales teams, and IT
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Video: How do I incorporate metered or usage-based pricing into my service offering?

There are many ways that recurring products or service offerings can be packaged, priced, and delivered to your customers.

Learn how a flexible system like BillingPlatform can help you:
  • Monetize the data associated with service usage
  • Manage rating and invoices in real-time
  • Be more agile with the ability to quickly create new and creative packaging and pricing models-- no matter the industry
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Video: How do I manage thousands of invoices across different financial periods?

Closing financial periods can involve verification and review of thousands of customer invoices across several different business units or regions.

With BillingPlatform, billing operations can:
  • Examine financial periods in detail and quickly drill down to individual invoices and transactions
  • Process, revise and approve invoices in bulk
  • Close a financial period faster, and more accurately. With BillingPlatform, you can quickly spot anomalies and resolve errors.
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Video: Managing Revenue Recognition and General Ledgers in a Billing System

This video explains how to manage the process of revenue recognition and connect billing to a general ledger in a billing system.

See how a robust billing system can:
  • Automate the process of recognizing revenue and simplify revenue recognition compliance
  • Integrate with downstream ERP and accounting systems
  • Speed up financial period closing processes with real-time general ledger transactions
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Video: The Flexible Pricing Capabilities and Dynamic Pricing Capabilities of BillingPlatform

In this video, learn how BillingPlatform can help you achieve success monetizing any business model.

Learn how flexible pricing and dynamic pricing allow you to:
  • Support any pricing strategy
  • Automate pricing changes in real time, as well as separate products and packages from rating methods
  • Define rates for a complex account hierarchy, and more
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See Brad Sawaya, BillingPlatform VP of Finance, provide examples of the new role of controllership and offer suggestions on putting these principles into place in your own organization.

The webinar covers the following topics.
  • Explore the role of digital transformation in business finance.
  • Learn how to overcome common challenges facing controllership.
  • Discover business architecture approaches that leverage digital transformation.
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Join Brian Dingman, Senior Solutions Consultant, as he explores the critical challenges that many companies face when building their own systems.

You’ll dive deep into the following topics:
  • Common architectural challenges for billing systems.
  • Struggles with high volume product mediation.
  • Integration difficulties with business process management.
  • Criticality of a workflow automation engine.
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Can you spot the difference between billing platforms that cause frustration and those that lead to success?

In this webcast, Nathan Shinn, Chief Strategy Officer at BillingPlatform, digs beneath the surface to evaluate billing solutions for specific product and services needs. You’ll explore:
  • Key billing considerations for any business.
  • Features that support business globalization.
  • Automation and customization capabilities
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Join Brian Dingman, BillingPlatform Solutions Consultant, to see how we support every SaaS pricing model.

Watch and explore the following topics:
  • Launching new products and services.
  • Combining recurring business with consumption-based models.
  • Generating monthly invoices for SaaS products.
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Watch Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO, highlight four pricing models for SaaS businesses.

Explores the following topics:
  • Pros and cons of various SaaS billing models
  • Benefits of usage-based pricing models
  • Requirements for supporting SaaS businesses
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Watch Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO, highlight four monetization strategies that encourage Freemium customers to make the leap to Premium services.

Explores the following topics:
  • Benefits of recurring billing in SaaS business
  • Strategies for converting free subscribers to paying customers
  • Billing system requirements for supporting successful Freemium models
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How did Panera automate its invoicing process to reduce costs and generate franchise bills faster? That's what John Davis, Senior Manager of Finance and Strategic Planning at Panera Bread, discusses in this recorded webcast.

During this webcast, you'll hear:
  • How Panera solved the billing challenges that come with a fast-growing franchise model
  • The billing best practices that Panera used that meant the difference between success and failure
  • Lessons learned on how to bill for new products and subscription-based services
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How do you modernize your billing systems when billing operations is responsible for 50,000 customers across 155 countries, several brands, and multiple rate plans? That’s exactly what Matthew Rigney, SVP of Billing Operations with PGi, shares in this recorded webcast.

  • How Matt made the business case to modernize PGi’s billing systems
  • How to reconcile legacy rate plans along with new rate plans
  • The approach PGi took to automate previously manual processes
Watch Webcast

In this recorded webcast, senior finance leaders discuss sophisticated pricing models that create complex billing challenges, and how they met those challenges.

Learn from the experience of the experts:
  • How to reconcile sophisticated pricing strategies with complex billing processes
  • The real drivers of billing complexity, and how automation and technology can help
  • How different industries have embraced agile monetization to help their businesses
Watch Webcast
Case Studies

Case study: SmartBike Monetizes IoT with BillingPlatform

This ClearChannel subsidiary needed to enable a complex, IoT-based business model and chose BillingPlatform for its superior data and monetization capabilities.

BillingPlatform for Video Conferencing Services

Glowpoint: Overcomes Challenge of a Complex Order to Billing Process with BillingPlatform

Increasingly complex billing process run through a homegrown system was slow to adapt to the needs of the organization and expensive to operate – requiring two FTE development resources and manual spreadsheet calculations.

The Billing Platform for
Collaboration Services Providers

The BillingPlatform for Collaboration Services Providers

PGi had outgrown their existing billing vendor and were looking for a billing system that supported their comprehensive and complex product catalog in a dynamic way – including multi-currency and multilingual support for all their global customers. They were also looking for a way to save costs and increase speed to market.

The Billing Platform for
National Retailers

The BillingPlatform for National Retailers

In order to give their commercial customers the best prices and most flexible purchasing options possible, Floor & Decor offers lines of credit through their preferred credit provider, CIT. To fully leverage and scale this partnership, Floor & Decor needed a way to quickly check credit availability in their retail stores on demand. It also needed to generate invoices to send to their commercial customers while providing assignment notices to CIT.

What is Platform?  Why is it Agile?

The BillingPlatform for Educational Media Services

Marketing needed the ability to price their list of over 1 million bound and digital media products quickly so that they could keep up with intense competition from top competitors like But with their old suite of pricing and rating applications, pricing their long list of products became an IT development cycle that took months to complete.

Billing Platform for VOIP Providers

The BillingPlatform for VOIP Providers

BillingPlatform helps Peerless Network, a top telecommunications network provider, seamlessly bill for all their dynamic products and services with complete support for new billing and charging models on a platform that scales to meet their rapid growth initiatives.

Billing Platform for Public Transportation Services

The BillingPlatform for Public Transportation Services

BillingPlatform helps a sustainable bike rental company, with operations in eight cities across the globe, support aggressive go to market abilities and drive enhanced reach, better competition and increased commerce.

Billing Platform in the Sky

A Platform Approach to Solving Billing Problems in the Sky

LiveTV Satellite Communications needed a fully automated cloud billing solution for invoicing in-flight, high-speed data and telephony satellite services, referred to as “LiveAero”, offered on a variety of private and charter aircraft

Billing Platform for Energy Providers

The BillingPlatform for Energy Providers

A leading energy service provider in Asia Pac with a variety of commercial and residential products – including heating cooling, electricity & gas, hot water systems, and solar panel installations.

Cloud to Solve Enterprise-Billing Needs

APAC Providers Make the Switch to the Cloud to Solve Enterprise-Billing Needs

Express needed a billing solution to support several conferencing brands simultaneously from recent acquisitions to preserve the customer experience not only in the invoice logo, grouping and layout but also in their product catalog such that the transition for the end customer would be as seamless and painless as possible

Monetizing IoT Data Sheet

Monetizing IoT Data Sheet

Discover how BillingPlatform offers a complete solution for getting real value from IoT devices. Explore the capabilities offered for this unique business model.

Invoice Automation Data Sheet

Invoice Automation Data Sheet

Support automated commercial invoicing for any enterprise with BillingPlatform. Discover the complete set of features that allow our customers to generate thousands of complex invoices quickly.

Cloud to Solve Enterprise-Billing Needs

Development Cost Data Sheet

It's impossible to predict total costs of building a billing solution from scratch, but our previous experience allows us to offer some estimations you may find surprising.

Airport Solutions Datasheet:

Airport Solutions Datasheet:BillingPlatform Enables Airports

BillingPlatform offers a single, cloud-based solution to address every airport’s needs. For airport executives who need to optimize revenue collection across various aviation and non-aviation sources, BillingPlatform is the perfect choice.

Cloud to Solve Enterprise-Billing Needs

Solution Datasheet BillingPlatform Cloud-based agile billing for the enterprise

For business and finance executives who need to accelerate and optimize their order-to-cash process, BillingPlatform provides an agile solution for monetizing products and services under any pricing and packaging model.

Cloud to Solve Enterprise-Billing Needs

Customer Success Datasheet BillingPlatform Support Offerings

Our support levels include robust case management, web-based ticketing, resolutions updates and proactive communications regarding product releases, service updates, maintenance and outages.


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