Video: Introducing CollectionsCloud

When it comes to accounts receivables, managing outstanding balances is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. If your manual collections processes can't keep up or you just need a better way to manage collections, BillingPlatform has the answer - CollectionsCloud.
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Video: Modern Billing Made Easy

See how BillingPlatform transforms complex billing for every enterprise. Modern billing practices, like recurring payments and consumption pricing models, don’t have to be difficult.
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Video: Flexible Billing for SaaS Products

Discover the billing requirements needed for successful SaaS business support. This 2 minute video demonstrates BillingPlatform's support for the latest trends in SaaS Pricing.
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Video: The Power of the Platform: BillingPlatform's Difference

Empower your business with a billing system that adapts to your needs. BillingPlatform provides a unique, cloud-based platform that easily flexes to solve any billing challenge.
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Video: Automation: Eliminate Spreadsheets

Accelerate your critical business workflows with BillingPlatform's extensive automation capabilities.
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Video: Airport Billing: Smoothing Processes

Discover why a major international airport trusts BillingPlatform to manage their complex needs.
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Video: Build vs Buy: Do You Have to Choose?

When it comes to upgrading or replacing your billing management system, you may face a very important question—to build or to buy?
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Video: Product Overview: Agile Features

In this video, discover how BillingPlatform enables your enterprise to thrive in a fast-paced, global economy.
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Video: Effective Mass Rate Management

The ability to adjust rates in bulk is critical to any enterprise with a complex billing model. BillngPlatform's mass rate management tool gives you just that.
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Video: Benefits of Integrating Billing with Salesforce

This 4-minute video explains how integrating billing with Salesforce can help accelerate revenue generation, save time, and streamline billing operations.
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Video: Metered or Usage-Based Pricing for Services

There are many ways that recurring products or service offerings can be packaged, priced, and delivered to your customers.
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Video: Managing Thousands of Invoices for Different Periods

Closing financial periods can involve verification and review of thousands of customer invoices across several different business units or regions.
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Video: Managing Revenue Recognition and General Ledgers

This video explains how to manage the process of revenue recognition and connect billing to a general ledger in a billing system.
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Video: Flexible and Dynamic Pricing Capabilities

In this video, learn how BillingPlatform can help you achieve success monetizing any business model.
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