Webcast: SaaS Billing Demo – Beyond Subscriptions

Join Brian Dingman, BillingPlatform Solutions Consultant, to see how we support every SaaS pricing model. Explore the following topics:
  • Launching new products and services.
  • Combining recurring business with consumption-based models.
  • Generating monthly invoices for SaaS products.
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Webcast: Pricing and Billing Strategies Beyond Subscription

Watch Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO, highlight four pricing models for SaaS businesses. Watch and explore the following topics:
  • Pros and cons of various SaaS billing models
  • Benefits of usage-based pricing models
  • Requirements for supporting SaaS businesses
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Webcast: From Freemium to Premium SaaS Success

Watch Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO, highlight four monetization strategies that encourage Freemium customers to make the leap to Premium services. You’ll explore:
  • Benefits of recurring billing in SaaS business
  • Strategies for converting free subscribers to paying customers
  • Billing system requirements for supporting successful Freemium models
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Webcast: How PGI Modernized Billing without Changing How the Company Bills

That’s exactly what Matthew Rigney, SVP of Billing Operations with PGi, shares in this recorded webcast. Learn:
  • How Matt made the business case to modernize PGi’s billing systems
  • How to reconcile legacy rate plans along with new rate plans
  • The approach PGi took to automate previously manual processes
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Webcast: How Panera Bread Automated Manual Billing Processes

How did Panera automate its invoicing process to reduce costs and generate franchise bills faster? During this webcast, you'll hear:
  • How Panera solved the billing challenges that come with a fast-growing franchise model
  • The billing best practices that Panera used that meant the difference between success and failure
  • Lessons learned on how to bill for new products and subscription-based services
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Webcast: Strategies Used by Vertafore and SBM to Address Complex Billing Challenges

In this recorded webcast, senior finance leaders discuss sophisticated pricing models that create complex billing challenges, and how they met those challenges. Learn:
  • How to reconcile sophisticated pricing strategies with complex billing processes
  • The real drivers of billing complexity, and how automation and technology can help
  • How different industries have embraced agile monetization to help their businesses
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