BillingSync: Maximize
Salesforce for Recurring Billing
Manage recurring revenue, usage-based billing,
and tiered rating—all from within the Salesforce
financial ecosystem.

Accelerate Your Order-to-Cash Process

Many of the world’s most successful businesses rely on Salesforce CRM to enable their sales and account management success. But, many of these data-driven companies haven’t connected Salesforce with their billing solution—missing out on valuable insights and process efficiencies.
With BillingPlatform’s BillingSync connector, billing and invoicing data can be managed in and connected directly to Salesforce. This out-of-the-box connector gives your sales teams the most accurate and up to date information about their customers from lead to revenue.

BillingSync for Salesforce

Now Salesforce connects directly to BillingPlatform with the pre-built, web-based BillingSync. The automatic link transfers data between the world’s #1 CRM and the industry’s leading billing solution.
BillingSync allows your business to:

  • Connect sales teams to billing information
  • Connect finance and billing teams directly to the order process in Salesforce
  • Provide point-and-click efficiencies for adding or deleting billing fields directly within Salesforce
  • Synchronize data between billing and your CRM

Seamlessly Connect
Your Billing and CRM

By connecting BillingPlatform to Salesforce, your business establishes immediate transparency between sales, account management, and finance teams. This tight integration means your business can accelerate order management, save time and achieve efficiency for your operation.
BillingSync enables businesses with the following benefits:

  • Enable seamless synchronization of data with Salesforce
  • Pull or push data across mapped objects on defined schedules or on-demand
  • Map fields with simple point & click configuration
  • Update sales and account management in near-real time
  • Eliminate the swivel chair approach for managing the quote to cash process
  • Save time, reduce errors and improve accuracy of data

Launch Billed Products

Automatically sync products across systems without coding and launch subscription or usage-based pricing within Salesforce

Grow Your Enterprise

The cloud-based architecture of BillingPlatform enables businesses to leverage the Salesforce ecosystem for ease of use while managing high volume billing.

Maximize efficiency

Reduce resources by automating critical and manual tasks, keeping your contacts and accounts in sync.

Centralize Management

BillingPlatform provides centralized access to products and accounts by syncing with your Salesforce. Within Salesforce, BillingPlatform allows you to configure one-time, recurring, or usage-based pricing.

Manage Accounts

Accounts that are created or modified in Salesforce can be automatically synced with BillingPlatform. Every time you run a bill cycle, the account object in Salesforce updates with the invoice and billing history.

Configure Opportunities

When creating an opportunity in Salesforce, you can apply subscription, add-on, or one-time products from the BillingPlatform product catalog.

Salesforce BillingSync Increase Efficiencies Across Your Enterprise

Integration of BillingPlatform and Salesforce allows sales, executives, and IT to see all revenue generated from each client and view revenue metrics across territories. This information is available to all as soon as invoices and activity are rated within Salesforce.
The integration established by BillingSync means invoices, products, and payments from BillingPlatform are synchronized with quotes, opportunities, and accounts in Salesforce.
This immediate access to customer information gives sales a complete picture of the revenue generated, automating the quote-to-cash process.
Finally, BillingSync delivers greater, more actionable insights to your business. Between Salesforce and BillingPlatform you can dive deep into KPIs such as recurring revenue trends, customer lifetime value projections, product revenue, insights into outstanding invoices, and timing of receivables

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