Continuous Support
for Customer Success

Support levels that suit and enable your business needs

The success of your billing system and the strength your customer relationships hinges on efficient and continuous operations. BillingPlatform understands what’s at stake.

  • While our platform has been proven in many different business environments and billing scenarios, changes in upstream and downstream systems can create issues for your finance team. For this reason, we offer multiple levels of customer support to help ensure your success.
  • In BillingPlatform’s history, our support teams have responded to every customer request with speed and expertise. High levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty are cornerstones of our support model.

Global 24 x 7 Support

Our Customer Success team provides hands on solutions to any system related issue, working directly through phone and email support in a 24×7 global support model.


We provide a follow the sun support model to ensure that all of our customers receive the attention they deserve in a timely fashion.

Select the Level Matched to Your Needs

All support levels include robust case management, web-based ticketing, resolution updates and proactive communications regarding product releases, service updates, maintenance and outages.

The tiers of our customer support are outlined below.

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