Advanced Pricing and Rating Capabilities

BillingPlatform supports all types of pricing models, product bundles, tiered and volume pricing, discounts, multi-level and multi-currency  contracts, promotions, fees and one-time charges.

Price the most complex offerings easily and accurately

Deploy and manage pricing for physical or digital products, services, metered usage or subscription recurring revenue.

  • Unlimited Pricing/Rating Capabilities - Price offerings with custom business rules or in different contexts using BillingPlatform’s unique separation of products and rating methods as distinct data entities to control unnecessary SKU proliferation.
  • Subscription Management - Address every aspect of subscriptions with BillingPlatform’s robust management tools and configurable business rules to handle renewals, terminations, upgrades, downgrades, proration, mid-cycle changes, revenue recognition and extensions.
  • Metered Usage Rating & Collection - Leverage BillingPlatform to charge on actual product or service consumption based on data attributes you define. Collect consumption data from any system in any format. Most importantly, benefit from usage charges that are rated immediately.
  • Tiered Pricing - Adopt more creative sales strategies using BillingPlatform’s tiered pricing to encourage higher consumption.
  • One Time Fees - In addition to recurring charges, BillingPlatform supports one-time charges and fees such as ad-hoc product sales or late fees.
  • Promotions, Incentives & Adjustments - Move swiftly to address competitive opportunities by providing promotions, discounts, coupons or other incentives with BillingPlatform’s dynamic solution.

Unlimited Pricing/Rating Capabilities

Think beyond flat-rate subscription offerings and manual workarounds; use a system so agile you can design offerings for both your current products or services and any pricing models that evolve in the future.


Pricing strategies can be highly complex with variables including market conditions, competitive actions, customer segments and industry-specific aspects that do not fit into traditional billing systems or simple recurring revenue subscriptions.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform can automate intricate requirements using a comprehensive set of default rating methods or flexible rating formulas that leverage configurable data elements such as product essentials, package hierarchies, account attributes, customer-specific contract rates or invoice fields.


Subscription Management 

Improve revenue with better administration of service offerings to easily handle renewals, terminations, upgrades, downgrades, proration, mid-cycle changes and extensions.


Many systems require extensive workarounds to manage even the simplest type of recurring revenue, whether net new offerings or the inevitable changes to current pricing.

Our Solution

With BillingPlatform, you can go beyond “standard” recurring fees and monetize any subscription including usage with configurable thresholds for overage charges, simplifying intricate rules for rollover and tiered pricing, and minimizing reconciliations.

Metered Usage Rating & Collection

Productize and monetize any metered service quickly and without restrictions regardless of usage data type or source, format, context or attribution.


Most legacy billing systems struggle being able to rate high volume product or service consumption, resulting in lengthy and often manual reconciliations that impact monthly close cycles.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform can use any usage data attribute or billing identifier to route metered events to the appropriate accounts, packages and products for rating and invoicing in real-time. Easily integrate with any source or format on an automated interval or on-demand.

One Time Fees

Modern billing systems should support every type of product and service fee – from physical shipment to recurring subscription to ad hoc or conditional service fees.


Customers don’t want to manually consolidate multiple invoices for a specific purchase while enterprise billing departments are equally unhappy with systems that can’t handle both recurring and non-recurring (one-time) charges.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform supports both recurring charges and one-time charges like ad-hoc product sales, installation charges or late fees  on one invoice.


Tiered Pricing

Selling metered or subscription services? Consider volume discounts and thresholds to support a wide range of pricing and rating scenarios.


Often the hardest part of launching new product offerings is determining how to offer the most attractive terms to your best customers or partners without requiring expensive custom code to generate the right price.

Our Solution

You can configure BillingPlatform for volume discounts or pricing concessions based on tiers, thresholds and groupings you define.  Manage tiered pricing efficiently at the product, package or customer-instance level.

Promotions, Incentives & Updates

Easily configure promotions, discounts and coupons through a centrally managed platform without expending time and resources on manual controls or software program changes.


Product leaders report legacy systems can’t handle competitive price changes across portfolios and vital short-term sales programs, leaving revenue on the table and requiring thousands of dollars in change requests each year.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform lets you combine and cross-sell products and services with specialized promotions and discounts to drive additional sales, especially important for companies introducing and managing many different product SKUs.

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