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the Entire Recurring Revenue Process

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Increase Productivity, Save Time and Reduce Dependency on IT

BillingPlatform helps your team realize revenue from new offerings more quickly, reducing complexity, errors, and manual efforts.

  • Bill any type of revenue, no matter how complicated the offering, more effectively without costly delays.
  • Optimize operations to improve billing department efficiency (while reducing stress for your team).
  • Streamline revenue flow by controlling how customer invoices are organized, when they are sent, and reminders that make it easy for customers to pay their bills on time.
  • Use built-in tools to report on key financial metrics, fostering better decision-making.

Bill Any Type of Revenue, No Matter How Complicated The Offering, More Effectively Without Costly Delays

BillingPlatform can handle ad hoc charges, simple subscription, consumption-based tiers, pay-as-you-go, and event-based models.
Simplify the management of complicated contracts for pricing tiers, volume discounts, or thresholds across global enterprise customers improving customer satisfaction. Discover More
Save time using configurable subscription management rules for pre- and post-paid cycles for how and when products are initiated, terminated, prorated, upgraded, extended, or amended. Discover More
Shorten the close cycle by capturing and reconciling consumption data from other internal systems automatically. Discover More
Define tiered rate schedules across different currencies for maximum flexibility and regional compliance through application of proper taxation rules. Discover More

Optimize Billing Operations to Improve Efficiency
while Reducing Stress for your Team

BillingPlatform’s configurable design enhances all functions including automated data collection, rating, invoicing, payment processing, dunning, and reporting.

  • Use workflow and business rules to automate manual processes, reducing complexity and spreadsheet reconciliations that impact the monthly close.
  • Respond quickly to repricing and promotional programs without having to ask for IT programming support.
  • Leverage real-time notifications, alerts, and remediation tools so the billing team can troubleshoot problems before they reach the customer.
  • Give customers the convenience of online bill payment or payments via credit card or ACH that are immediately reflected on the customer’s account balance.

Streamline Revenue: Control Customer Invoice Organization, Timing and Reminders that Make it Easy to Pay Bills on Time.

BillingPlatform helps improve billing and collection metrics with configurable dashboards, workflows and business rules
Reduce errors and rebills with robust hierarchies for parents and subsidiaries, corporate contracts, regional requirements and currencies, approval processes and validation rules.
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Define contract rates at a corporate level, create overrides or segregate usage charges into separate, smaller invoices that can be routed to different department sub-accounts in real time for speedier payment.
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Better contract management means better compliance with new standards focused on more accurate pricing with discounts, rebates and tiered consumption (ASC606/ IFRS15).
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Shorten payment delays by leveraging automated workflows so customers know when credit cards are expiring or contracts or subscriptions are due for renewal.
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Use Built-in Tools to
Report on Key Financial Metrics, Fostering Better Decision-Making

BillingPlatform helps you keep customers, partners and managers informed of critical information they can use to help grow business and manage operations.

  • Use configurable tools to create audit-ready reports for compliance requirements or multi-national taxing authorities without special coding
  • Optimize business analytics by displaying the information relevant to specific records in context-sensitive, role-based dashboards.
  • Expose custom charts, graphs and reports to your customers and partners in secure, cloud portals to ease your support burden and enhance your level of service.
  • Ensure that only the data appropriate to the targeted audience is available at any given point in time with role-based data filters and security protocols

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