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BillingPlatform helps launch and monetize new offerings, making complex requirements
simple to execute

  • Grow the business by rapidly innovating products, services and even new lines of business
  • Manage product catalogs and pricing more effectively to respond to evolving demand and competitive pressure

Grow the Business by Rapidly Innovating Products, Services, and Even New Lines of Business

BillingPlatform accommodates and automates the monetization model that supports your needs no matter how unique
Add new offerings easily to capture any type of revenue - whether subscription, consumption-based or event-triggered Discover More
Open new markets, new channels of distribution or expand into new countries with multi-lingual, multi-currency capabilities Discover More
Offer new promotions, discounts, and tiering programs to take advantage of market momentum and create better customer experience Discover More
Retool existing product and service bundles without lengthy IT projects - configure, not code! Discover More

Manage Product Configurations and Pricing
More Effectively to Respond to Evolving Demand

Manage your entire catalog of products and services whether physical or digital, metered usage or subscription-based.

  • Create upsell and cross-sell packages with defined inter-product relationships with automated business rules to govern appropriate sales behavior
  • Price for industry-specific variables that are not standard in either traditional billing systems or simple subscription applications
  • Set revenue thresholds for provisioning, manage usage rollover behavior or assign discount rules for multi-tier accounts, eliminating manual intervention and reducing billing disputes
  • Perform bulk rate updates across subscribers or within a configured customer or product filter in a fraction of the time for legacy billing systems

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