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Don’t Be Restrained by One-size-fits-all Pricing

Some businesses are well suited for subscription models, others not so much. Whether a start-up or an established enterprise, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. A place that’s the best of both worlds where subscriptions and more flexible usage-based models meet. That is a hybrid model, and for many businesses, it’s the perfect fit.

Is Hybrid Billing Right for Your Business?

If your business sells a mix of recurring and consumption-based products, the answer is yes, with benefits for you and your customers.


With a subscription fee for the base service, provide your customers with the ability to use additional features with pay-as-you-go billing

Personalized Service

Subscription plus usage-based business models offer customers options to customize their service to match their exact needs

Increased Revenue

Enhance the recurring revenue associated with subscriptions by adding another revenue stream from customer usage

Give Customers the Pricing Options They Want

Combine the best of traditional flat-rate and subscription models with lucrative usage-based pricing:

  • A dynamic product catalog that lets you quickly and easily create new products, change existing products and define the rules for pricing and rating
  • The ability to gather usage data from any source and automatically assign the rating in real-time for billing, invoicing and reporting
  • The capacity to scale for enterprise-grade volumes of data

Launch Creative Pricing Strategies and Standout From the Competition

With an agile platform architecture, enterprises can extend BillingPlatform’s custom data model to support any subscription service.

As the only billing platform with the ability to manage hybrid pricing models that include any combination of one-time charges, usage, tiered, subscription, overages, and more, BillingPlatform gives companies the power to support even the most complex recurring revenue relationships.

Capture New Revenue with Hybrid Pricing

Easily combine flat-fee, subscription and usage-based pricing to maximize your revenue potential.

Subscription + 1-time fees

Combine a subscription fee and one-time charges such as ad-hoc product sales, installation charges, late fees, etc

Subscription + pay-as-you-go

Combine a subscription fee with the ability to pay for additional usage of a product or service such as the download of a premium service

Subscription + overage

Charge a subscription fee for a set amount of usage; if usage is exceeded, charged for additional usage

Multi-part Pricing

Combine a base subscription fee with a fee for a package of services and charge one-time fees to try a new service

Grow Your Revenue with Flexible Pricing

Take your subscription billing to the next level with automated, multi-dimensional pricing and rating and bring innovative new products and services to market 30% faster while reducing operational spend by as much as 50%, all due to the flexibility of BillingPlatform.

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