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Subscriptions Services Are All Around Us

From the streaming services you watch from your couch to bike-sharing services to ease your commute to managing access to your business software, subscription-based services offer the simplicity and predictability both businesses and consumers demand.

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Why Subscription Services Are Right for Your Business

Companies in every industry and every market are seeing the benefits of subscription services.


For consumers – getting what they want on a regular basis for a set price

For businesses – knowing how much inventory is needed for physical goods or network requirements for delivering on-line services


With a predictable revenue stream, you can plan ahead and invest in new growth areas without worrying whether or not you will have the necessary capital


For consumer – take advantage of automatic payments, so bills are paid on time, every month

For businesses – automate billing and invoicing for complex subscription models at scale

Manual Collection Processes
Can’t Keep Up

Most organizations find themselves managing collections with manual processes instead of automated collections software, leading to issues for both you and your customers:

  • Revenue loss
  • Frustrated employees
  • Customer churn


“Using a modern, enterprise-grade software solution to automate collection activities based on risk, probability of success, and best practices, organizations can decrease DSO, reduce churn, and improve customer relations.”

MGIAndrew Dailey,
Managing Director, MGI Research

Your Keys to Success – Flexibility & Automation

To achieve the value subscription services offer, a flexible and automated solution must be your first consideration.

  • Configurable – manage billing cadences, invoicing cycles, pricing tiers, terms, mid-cycle changes and prorations
  • Agile – set up and change subscription pricing quickly and easily for any industry
  • Automated – convert manual processes into automated workflows to improve billing accuracy and efficiency

Subscription Billing Simplified

With an agile platform architecture, enterprises can extend BillingPlatform’s custom data model to support any subscription service.

And with our sophisticated workflow engine, finance teams can automate billing tasks, create triggers and outbound communications that execute without any human intervention.

From Simple Subscriptions to the Most Complex

BillingPlatform can manage your subscription business with daily, monthly or annual charging for flat-rate, tiered, freemium, or any combination of plans with multilingual and multi-currency support.


Recurring pricing for a fixed set of features or services

$9.99 per month for streaming service


Plans with multiple product or features, each with a set monthly price

Starter Plan $25/month
Basic Plan $50/month
Pro Plan $99/month


Pricing based on the number of users or units purchased

1 – 9 units/user $10/each
10 – 19 units/user $8/each
20 – 29 units/user $5/each


Access to a specific set of functionality for free

$0 for basic access to service
+ $9/month for additional access or services

Subscription Billing for Your
Next-Generation Pricing & Packaging

Regardless of the type of subscription model you deploy, BillingPlatform offers the flexibility you need to get the most out of your subscriptions.


  • Attract and retain customers
  • Deliver the goods and services customers want on a regular basis for a set price


  • Get a steady and consistent cash flow
  • Avoid the headache of market ebbs and flows


  • Set-it-and-forget it with automatic bill pay
  • Automate billing and invoicing

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