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Don’t Limit Your Customer’s Ability to Buy

No longer do simple subscriptions cut it. By adding usage-based pricing, attract and retain customers by giving them the flexibility to pay for what they use and grow your revenue as usage grows.

A Win-Win for Subscription Companies and Their Customers

Increase revenue potential and improve customer satisfaction with sophisticated usage-based pricing.

Increase revenue

Give customers the ability to subscribe to a service and then pay for what they use to bring in more revenue and increase growth.

Attract new customers

Lower the cost of entry, giving new customers free or low-cost options to try the service without committing to a subscription.

Maintain existing customers

Anticipate the needs of customers by tracking and analyzing usage data and send promotions in real-time to cater to their immediate needs.

Align Price with Usage

Get the most out of usage-based pricing:

  • Collect, transform and route usage data to automate and streamline billing, invoicing and reporting
  • Easily add or change plans with point and click configurability and react in real-time to market changes
  • Show customers exactly what they are paying for and align price with value to lower churn

Transform Usage Data into Revenue Potential in Real-Time

By offering creative and flexible pricing strategies based on what customers consume, you can offer a range of package and support options:

  • Power users – robust packages and support options
  • Casual user – tiers of basic service
  • New customers – try the service without a full commitment

…all keeping customers happy, reducing churn and turning that data into revenue.

Move Beyond Simple Subscriptions with Usage-Based Pricing

And with a mediation engine built-in, the data on how your products and services are being used is automatically available in BillingPlatform. Using our robust product catalog, just set the price and usage is automatically converted into billing, invoicing and reports. With BillingPlatform you have the flexibility to bill and rate on any aspect of your products – clicks, API calls, downloads, seats, text messages, minutes, bandwidth, anything.


Customers pay for what they use

$0.99 per unit

Customer buys 12 units, they pay $11.88

Tiered Pricing

Price per unit in the corresponding tier

1 – 100 $10 per unit
101+ $7 per unit

If a customer buys 250 units they pay $2,050

  • $10 per unit for the first 100 units
  • $7 per unit for the next 150 unit

Volume Pricing*

Price per unit for the highest tier reached

1 – 1 – 100 $10 per unit
101+ $7 per unit

If a customer buys 250 units they pay $1,750

  • $7 for 250 units

*Usage can be set for a specific invoice period or can accumulate over multiple invoice periods.

See the Value of Usage-Based Pricing

Whether you’re tracking bike rides, maintenance services or enterprise software, usage-based billing offers a huge competitive advantage for businesses in any industry while helping to drive predictable revenue.

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