BillingPlatform for Video Conferencing Services

Glowpoint: Overcomes Challenge of a
Complex Order to Billing Process with BillingPlatform

Increasingly complex billing process run through a homegrown system was slow to adapt to the needs of the organization and expensive to operate – requiring two FTE development resources and manual spreadsheet calculations.


Billing Platform for National Retailers

The BillingPlatform for National Retailers

In order to give their commercial customers the best prices and most flexible purchasing options possible, Floor & Decor offers lines of credit through their preferred credit provider, CIT. To fully leverage and scale this partnership, F&D needed a way to quickly check credit availability in their retail stores on demand. It also needed to generate invoices to send to their commercial customers while providing assignment notices to CIT.


The Billing Platform for
Collaboration Services Providers

The BillingPlatform for Collaboration Services Providers

PGi had outgrown their existing billing vendor and were looking for a billing system that supported their comprehensive and complex product catalog in a dynamic way – including multi-currency and multilingual support for all their global customers. They were also looking for a way to save costs and increase speed to market.


What is Platform?  Why is it Agile?

The BillingPlatform for Educational Media Services

Marketing needed the ability to price their list of over 1 million bound and digital media products quickly so that they could keep up with intense competition from top competitors like But with their old suite of pricing and rating applications, pricing their long list of products became an IT development cycle that took months to complete.


Billing Platform for VOIP Providers

The BillingPlatform for Broadband Providers

CBC (California Broadband Cooperative), a leading network backbone, dark fiber, and broadband services provider.


Billing Platform for VOIP Providers

The BillingPlatform for VOIP Providers

BillingPlatform helps Peerless Network, a top telecommunications network provider, seamlessly bill for all their dynamic products and services with complete support for new billing and charging models on a platform that scales to meet their rapid growth initiatives.


Billing Platform for Public Transportation Services

The BillingPlatform for Public Transportation Services

BillingPlatform helps a sustainable bike rental company, with operations in eight cities across the globe, support aggressive go to market abilities and drive enhanced reach, better competition and increased commerce.


Billing Platform for Medical Providers

The BillingPlatform for Medical Equipment Providers

A leading medical equipment provider in the US who specializes in the design, creation, and sale of medical devices – including intelligent frames, mobilization and transport equipment, therapeutic mattresses, ventilators, monitors, and more.


Billing Platform in the Sky

A Platform Approach to Solving Billing Problems in the Sky

LiveTV Satellite Communications needed a fully automated cloud billing solution for invoicing in-flight, high-speed data and telephony satellite services, referred to as “LiveAero”, offered on a variety of private and charter aircraft

Billing Platform for Energy Providers

The BillingPlatform for Energy Providers

A leading energy service provider in Asia Pac with a variety of commercial and residential products – including heating cooling, electricity & gas, hot water systems, and solar panel installations.

Cellular Providers

Billing for Cellular Providers

Bizcel needed a comprehensive cloud billing solution that could bill and rate highly diverse, wireless traffic in multiple currencies, across multiple time zones, and in a variety of languages.


Cloud to Solve Enterprise-Billing Needs

APAC Providers Make the Switch to the Cloud to Solve Enterprise-Billing Needs

Express needed a billing solution to support several conferencing brands simultaneously from recent acquisitions to preserve the customer experience not only in the invoice logo, grouping and layout but also in their product catalog such that the transition for the end customer would be as seamless and painless as possible


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