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Case Study:

The BillingPlatform for BROADBAND PROVIDERS

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Case Study for:California Broadband Cooperative



CBC (California Broadband Cooperative), a leading network backbone, dark fiber, and broadband services provider.



CBC commissioned BillingPlatform to bill for their Digital 365 Project, an $80 million dollar initiative, which laid out 553-miles of fiber optics wire across central California - from Carson city Nevada down to Barstow California, providing Wifi connections to all of the surrounding areas.

CBC required a billing system that supported their dynamic subscription services – which included per-component based charging and sequential percentage based fees. They also required a flexible system to accommodate:

  • MS Dynamics Integration
  • Tax integration with CSI
  • Financial and Usage based Reporting
  • Pre-paid and Post-paid charging options
  • Role-based, back-office user access
  • Electronic Payment processing
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CBC was at ground zero with regard to billing solutions - having just completed their network build-out and needed to quickly implement a robust quote-to-cash and order management application capable of the complexities associated with the sale and leasing of broadband infrastructure and services.

BillingPlatform was able to configure a flexible rating, invoicing and charging system in a short period of time allowing CBC to quickly monetize their new network while focusing on fulfilling a back-log of long-awaited service orders. CBC now enjoys a fully integrated customer care and billing system with the following features:

Sequential Discounts

Per Component Based Charging/Sequential Percentage Based Fees

CBC needed a system that offered a dynamic way to discount and incentivize their products and services. With multiple discounts often being offered on one single product, CBC wanted to be able to apply discounts in a specific sequence to accurately achieve the desired, total discount and pricing.

It was important that when applying multiple discounts, each subsequent discount be applied to the product’s post discounted balance to avoid undercharging for the product and loss of revenue. Previously, this process had to be performed manually – a tedious and error prone operation.

BillingPlatform was able to quickly support this functionality with it’s sequential percentage based fees eliminating hours of complicated, manual work while streamlining and automating invoicing as a whole.

Sales Rep Tracking

MS Dynamics Integration

The platform gives CBC extensive MS Dynamics integration for order, invoice, and charge creation. CBC can now manage service orders, sales, and order fulfillment through to billing in a seamless and unified set of processes.

When an order is closed, MS Dynamics notifies BillingPlatform to pull data to create pricing plans and contracts and initiate the automated subscription and invoicing cycles. Revenue from BillingPlatform is synced back to client records in Dynamics to provide a 360-degree view of the customer and a homogeneous customer management experience.


Taxation Integration with CSI

CBC was able to easily configure the system to support the application and reporting of taxes from CSI. This ability ensured CBC was compliant with local and government taxes across different jurisdictions and service types.

Taxation Integration

Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Charging Options

The system supports a variety of products with Pre-paid and Post-paid charging components. Subscriptions for broadband and fiber service can be configured to support both product and customer requirements for automated payment either before the services are rendered on a given cycle or after the services are used.

This gives CBC the level of automation needed to ensure business continuity without the additional management overhead in manual charge execution and management.

Role-Based User Access

Financial and Usage based Reporting

CBC Utilizes the Platform’s robust reporting functionality to generate revenue reports and aggregation of data based on invoices and product usage. This allows CBC to gain valuable insight into business performance and identify potential risks and opportunities based on usage trends.

AR Integration

Role-based user access

BillingPlatform allows CBC to control which users can interact with certain parts of the application using role based user access. Each user is assigned a role when they are provisioned and permission can be changed within any component of the system to allow or disallow a user to create, edit, or view down to the individual field level.

This ensures the each user has the access that they need and only the access they require to do their job in a secure, authenticated environment.

AR Integration

Automated Payment processing integration with Paypal

The Platform seamlessly integrates with Paypal for automated or on-demand payment processing. CBC can now easily process payments from both Credit Cards and ACH and optionally align automated, secure payments with invoicing and subscription cycles.



CBC is a unique provider in a niche industry where standard financial systems either don’t exist or don’t apply. With BillingPlatform, CBC has the freedom to quickly expand and grow their services across large, B2B, commercial contracts as well as residential, consumer services for a variety of telecommunications and broadband products.

The platform makes it easy to support any pricing and charging model so that CBC can evolve their service offerings any way they see fit with minimal effort - at a very low cost.

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