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The Company

PGi is a collaboration services provider with over 50,000 customers worldwide, over 75 percent of which are Fortune 100 companies. In their 25 years as an industry leader, PGi has hosted over 1.2 billion people from 155 countries in nearly 300 million virtual meetings.



PGi had outgrown their existing billing vendor and were looking for a billing system that supported their comprehensive and complex product catalog in a dynamic way – including multi-currency and multilingual support for all of their global customers. They were also looking for a way to save costs and increase speed to market.

Having made a number of acquisitions, PGi needed a system that supported not only all of PGi’s current offerings but also the home-grown features of their newly acquired businesses – which couldn’t be accomplished in their existing system. They needed a way for their reseller customers to self-manage their own rates, in addition to a core billing, rating, and invoicing engine that integrated seamlessly with their internal systems.



In 13 weeks, BillingPlatform went live to support PGi’s entire monetization life cycle – significantly reducing product rollout cycles and operating expenses. The Platform also helps PGi gain valuable insight into operational data and gives them and their resellers the ability to easily manage internal processes. BillingPlatform provides unique capabilities to allow PGi to configure new products and services, implement regional-specific pricing models, and provide a centralized view into the company’s global operation with up-to-date revenue information.

In addition to core billing, rating and invoicing functionality,
the system includes:

  • Agile product catalog, packaging, bundling, and pricing
    • quick-access product search and selection features
  • Customer portals
    • the ability for resellers to manage rates independently
    • the ability for PGi to set permissions for each individual reseller or group of resellers
  • Centralized multi-currency and multilingual customer management
  • Consolidated online reporting and business analytics
  • Business Automation Workflow
  • Seamless integration with internal systems for CPQ, provisioning, account management, Usage Collection and Mediation
  • Unlimited customer-specific invoice templates and eFile formats
  • Comprehensive Taxation Integration

“Their well-thought-out system with an integrated product catalog and workflow made BillingPlatform a comprehensive package for our entire revenue life-cycle,” stated John Perkins, Sr. Vice President Global IT Operations at PGi. “And due to the combination of both the vendor and the platform, Billingplatform has the shortest implementation cycle of any of their competitors on the market.”



BillingPlatform, “A Fundamental Shift for all things Enterprise Billing”

PGi, an industry leader in the highly competitive Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) space, needed a billing solution that was as innovative and agile as their own product. This required a platform that could be:

  • Rapidly implemented,
  • Support all billing and related functionality in real-time,
  • Increased speed-to-market,
  • Reduced operating expenses,
  • Provided tools to support change in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

“BillingPlatform’s agility allows us to keep up with the constantly changing conferencing market. Our industry is always changing and under continuous competitive pressure – so the ability to execute billing solutions quickly and iteratively has been a huge deal for us. We think that BillingPlatform is going to change the way we do business from a go-to market perspective. I’m very enthusiastic about BillingPlatform because it’s a fundamental shift for all things enterprise billing,” said Perkins.

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