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The Future of Billing for VOIP PROVIDERS


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Case Study for:Peerless Network



Peerless Network is a top telecommunications network provider, headquartered in Chicago Illinois, which has built one of the largest interconnection networks in the country. Their network enables wireless carriers, competitive and incumbent local exchange carriers, cable companies, enhanced service providers and enterprises to connect with each other regardless of how (SIP or TDM), where (centralized or decentralized) and who they need to interconnect.



Peerless Network required a billing system that could provide dynamic support for their wide variety of diverse metered and subscription based products and services, including:

  • Colocation
  • Enterprise SIP Trunking
  • Local Transit
  • Long Distance Termination
  • Wholesale Cellular Communication
  • IP Control

They also required a sales customer portal; highly configurable, customer-specific invoice templates; taxation integration; as well as extensive, usage collection capabilities; role-based user access; and bulk payment processing.

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BillingPlatform delivered the initial rollout within a few months, allowing Peerless to seamlessly bill for their dynamic configurations at the Product, Account and Usage level - with the ability to continuously phase in additional products and services over time.

Comprehensive Rating

Diverse, Comprehensive Rating Capabilities:

Peerless Network leverages BillingPlatform’s extensive rating capabilities for Metered Usage rating and Subscriptions with full support for configurable, dependent charges for items like overages and late fees.

The platform also gives Peerless the ability to offer bulk discounting in addition to several tiered pricing schedules based on a variety of configurable thresholds.

Leveraging built-in, configurable, mediation and usage collection, the system supports integrations from several sources - allowing Peerless to easily offer a broad and growing variety of metered products and services. The Product configuration and charge routing capabilities means that Peerless has complete creative control over pricing and packaging, configurable at the wholesale and retail customer level.

Sales Rep Tracking

Sales Rep Support:

The platform allows sales reps to view and manage their accounts using built in visibility and sharing rules.

With information tracked at the usage level, Sales reps and agents can easily see current data with secure access to only the data related to their associated accounts, products and charges.

The system also supports automated customer upload integrated with


Highly Configurable Invoice Templates:

Peerless utilizes the platform’s extensive configurable invoice template capabilities to support a variety of layouts for product and customer preferences as well as co-branding for reseller and subsidiary invoicing.

In addition to diverse branding and layout features the platform allows Peerless to upload broadcast messages containing current updates about their products and services. This allows for dynamic messaging without having to redesign or alter existing invoice templates.

Taxation Integration

Taxation Integration:

The platform integrates with Avalara to provide comprehensive, US telecommunications and sales taxation based on configurations at the product, account and usage level - with support for exemptions.

The built-in tax configuration capability allows Peerless to simplify compliance with complex federal, State and jurisdictional tax rules in a manageable and automated environment.

Role-Based User Access

Role-Based User Access:

Access to the billing system is configurable through any number of custom security Roles. This gives Peerless the ability control the data each respective user can view, delete, or edit based on their configured role.

AR Integration

AR Integration, Payments & Credits:

BillingPlatform comes with fully featured AR, Balance tracking and Dunning. Peerless is able to tack payments and allocate them to specific invoices in mass using bulk payment file upload tools. Aging and receivables data is also available to reporting so that financial information is readily available for reconciliation and account management.



The platform’s cloud delivery and flexible infrastructure not only supports rapid roll-out of new products and services but also provides that support at a low cost with minimal impact to existing features and functionality at an enterprise level.

Peerless is a prime example of BillingPlatform’s dedication to customer satisfaction in support of highly complex, end-to-end, billing, invoicing and charging needs. With the platform, Peerless is free to execute on aggressive growth plans without being encumbered by inflexible systems that restrict agile pricing, integrations and product development through overly specific and ridged designs.

At BillingPlatform, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate billing engine as a conduit for good ideas - without compromise.

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