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Save Time and Moneyby automating key processes

The goal of BillingPlatform is to help your enterprise increase productivity and save time and money by automating key processes to reduce complexity, errors, and confusion while promoting a fluid and ultimately efficient operation.

Enjoy fully automated and configurable data collection, rating, invoicing, payment processing and reporting using built-in tools like scheduled reports, automated data extracts and loads, fully automated billing and payment cycles, workflow, web services and more.

automate processes


Automate manual tasks and eliminate rework and mistakes to dramatically improve operations, systems and data quality using our highly configurable and powerful workflow engine. Use workflow to inform users and customers when critical changes happen in the system. Use update and call-out actions to keep data in sync within your billing system and across the enterprise.

Leverage workflow notifications to keep customers informed of business impacting events such as contract renewals and expiring credit cards while keeping internal personnel informed of critical approvals and system or customer service events.

Ensure data quality by configuring workflow to align business data according to pre-defined events. Ensuring accurate flow of information throughout your organization, customers, and integrated applications. Harmonize communication between systems and support complex integrations leveraging our workflow call-out actions.


Fluid Invoicing & Payment Processing

Fully automate invoicing and payment processing to foster the best possible relationships with your customers, and ensure that your revenue is recognized as fast as possible. Automatically invoice and process payments in real-time in line with configurable, customer-centric cycles and settings.

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Built-In Usage Collection and Mediation

Utilize our billing system to easily link usage data to products and customers to rate, invoice and charge in real-time using built-in usage collection and mediation tools. Fully automate all your high-volume usage, rating, and mediation processes and take full advantage of your metered offerings by monetizing any aspect of the data you collect.



Manage every aspect of your subscription offerings, from upgrades, down-grades, extensions, and mid-cycle changes with robust management and configuration tools to ensure you get the most out of your subscriptions with the least amount of effort.

scheduled data extracts

Scheduled Data Extracts,Uploads and Reports

Configure built-in tools for managing data in bulk for automating ETL processes for data synchronization, warehousing and reporting. Keep executives, management and customers informed and productive with absolute consistency using schedulable reports based off of any business object in the system.

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Scheduled Pricing Updates

Schedule pricing changes in advance, based on a one time-change or a set interval of time using our highly configurable billing system. Notify customers of this change ahead of time utilizing workflow to send a notification to all customers who use the respective product.

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