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Enhance, Automate and StreamlineCurrent and Future Business Operations

At BillingPlatform we understand that no two enterprises operate the same way. Diversity in billing, provisioning, operations and support processes can vary highly within a single organization.

To be truly effective, enterprise-grade billing software must be configurable to flex with diverse and evolving business processes. Our platform specializes in the ability to reflect the way you need to manage products, services, and customers so that it enhances, automates and streamlines current and future business operations quickly and easily – on demand.


Our built in workflow delivers unlimited possibilities that can make your smart business processes even smarter. Leverage configurable workflow on any critical business object in the system to automate notifications, keep data synchronized, or integrate with external systems in real-time.

Whether you need to send communications about promotions and cross-sell opportunities, or alert customers to problems with their account or services, almost anything is possible with unlimited, configurable workflow communication actions. Automate approval processes by configuring the data updates and communications required to keep business moving in real time.

Capitalize on workflow integration actions to keep systems in sync and cooperating seamlessly in response to changes in your business ecosystem. Provision customers in remote systems immediately upon billing setup or terminate service automatically in response to contract termination to save time and expense and avoid service delays and operational anomalies.

Keep data in sync across organizations, customers and entities by defining workflow actions that synchronize changes in your specified information across other relevant data components to facilitate faster information flow; enable automation and enhance overall data quality.






Custom Data Model

The platform’s customizable data model and business logic allows enterprises to accurately define the system’s data structure to reflect the true nature of their business. Create the data structures and relationships you need to not only support better and more accurate billing processes but also to enable and enhance other critical and related operations.

Your data model is the core of your business. The ability to customize and extend your system data model exposes endless possibilities to extend and augment the platform to process, store, and report anything you need to run your enterprise operation.

custom data model

Custom User Interface

Make it easy for staff, customers and resellers to do business with the ability to secure and customize the system’s user interface. Easily control the data and features each user can see and manipulate within the system, and utilize dynamic branding options so that staff and resellers can effortlessly sell and support your products and service using a focused subset of features that you define

Make the system easy and intuitive to interact with by customizing search, list and form layouts as well as language and nomenclature with simple, built-in configuration tools. Support multiple brands, languages and locale settings to present the application with relevance to the users who access it.



Support multiple brands simultaneously to put the right stamp on system, invoice and communication templates across internal organizations, subsidiaries, resellers and agents. With our billing software, flexible and highly granular branding capabilities, across multiple facets of your customer facing business components are made possible within minutes.

web-tool kit

Web-Tool Kit

For highly specialized application features and functionality, leverage our comprehensive, web tool kit in conjunction with our application data model, built-in O-Auth and REST APIs to create rich applications for use on any device. Extend our billing software to provide B2C customers with fully branded, mobile apps for viewing and paying bills as well as ordering new products services from anywhere on the planet.

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