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Effective revenue recognition hinges on the customer’s ability to receive, understand and pay their bills as fast as possible.

Customer-centric billing gives you the ability to define when customers receive invoices, how they pay, how their invoices are organized and how they will receive reminders and other information that make it as easy as possible to pay their bills on time.


Payment Options

Our enterprise billing solution gives your customers a variety of fully configurable payment options. Provide flexible payment options using the payment gateway of choice to automate pre and post-payments of usage and subscriptions services aligned with customer preferences.

payment options

Custom Invoice Templates

Leverage the platform to define any number of custom invoice templates that group and summarize information any way necessary to satisfy customer needs. Assign any custom invoice template to individual customer profiles.

A variety of billing cycles are configurable at the customer level. Allow your customers to choose weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual invoicing cycles with the ability to define the closing or invoice delivery day. Event-based and manual closing cycles are also configurable at the individual customer’s billing profile.


OnlineCustomer Portal

Our billing solution comes out of the box with a completely brandable customer portal that makes it easy for your customers, partners and resellers to access and update information about their account and services and pay their bills online.

Configurable, Role-based access makes it easy to customize the portal and expose the information your customers need to pay their bills on time and reduce traffic to your billing support teams.

aging and dunning

Aging and Dunning

Keep customers informed of outstanding balances with aging and transaction ledger information configurable for display on invoices, as well as dunning flows that can be tailored specifically for each customer to support cadence, language and verbiage preferences for each customer at each aging interval defined for the flow.

Define dunning flows that are as aggressive or passive as needed to maintain the necessary relationships with each customer. Dunning behaviors can be as simple and lightweight as a reminder letter or as aggressive as an automated web service call to terminate service and notify collections.

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Pricing and Incentives

Pricing on any product and service is completely customizable for each customer by design. Our billing solution allows you to be as general or as granular with your customer pricing as needed to support harmonious, highly functional billing relationships. Leverage dynamic product configuration features to automate pricing incentives based on early payment that can be tailored to each customer individually.


Customer Service Alerts

Leverage system workflow to let customers know when their credit card is set to expire or when contracts or subscriptions are due for renewal to promote seamless business continuity. Alert customers when credit card or ACH payments are declined in real time to shorten payment delays and allow customers to take action before your customer service representatives engage in long-winded collection cycles.


Event-Based Billing

Mitigate delays imposed by charging disputes on portions of large monthly invoices and get paid faster by taking advantage of event-based billing cycles. This feature allows businesses to automatically send invoices in response to specific events that you define based on usage or other related, account or product changes.

Avoid delays on large monthly statements and get paid faster by segregating like usage charges into separate, smaller invoices that can be routed to different payers in real time to create a more continuous flow of revenue.

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event based billing

Usage Collection and Mediation

Easily link usage data to products and customers to rate, invoice and charge in real-time using built-in usage collection and mediation tools. Fully automate all your high-volume usage, rating, and mediation processes and take full advantage of your metered offerings by monetizing any aspect of the data you collect.

BillingPlatform will integrate with any source and any format on any automated interval leveraging a variety of technologies and protocols to provide exactly the solution you need quickly and accurately giving you the creative freedom to productize any aspect of your metered service offering.


Language & Locale

If your customers understand their bill they are less likely to dispute it and more likely to pay. The platform recognizes that currencies, language and date format differ across the globe and this is why each customer profile and associated pricing, invoice template and communication mechanism are all time zone, currency and language aware.

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