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Our enterprise billing system allows you to stay connected in a diverse, digital ecosystem to harmonize billing processes with sales, accounting, payment processing and provisioning for a more modern and effective enterprise that informs, actions and delivers in real-time.






integration options

Merchant Integration

Receive payments in any currency using the payment gateway of choice. The platform can integrate with all payment processing applications to support credit card and ACH formats in any currency. Utilize business rules to govern with gateway to use based on account or product settings that you define.


DynamicWeb Service APIs

Our billing system offers dynamic SOAP and REST APIs that instantly reflect your platform configurations to keep critical business ecosystems living and breathing to ensure the most efficient and effective enterprise possible.

Simplify sales, provisioning, billing and accounting into a single, interconnected and automated process while realizing the synergies within your organization and across suppliers and partners.

Integrate with other external applications to extend your ecosystem and discover new ways to connect people, systems and data to take full advantage of the digital economy.


Usage Collection & Mediation

Utilize our billing system to easily link usage data to products and customers to rate, invoice and charge in real-time using built-in usage collection and mediation tools. Fully automate all your high-volume usage, rating, and mediation processes and take full advantage of your metered offerings by monetizing any aspect of the data you collect.

BillingPlatform will integrate with any source and any format on any automated interval leveraging a variety of technologies and protocols to provide exactly the solution you need quickly and accurately giving you the creative freedom to productize any aspect of your metered service offering.

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