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BillingPlatform makes it easier to handle new revenue streams while reducing costs created by legacy invoicing systems

  • Seamlessly integrate any monetization model with existing operations without lengthy and expensive IT programming.
  • Improve revenue recognition of point-in-time, scheduled or obligation-based distributions to comply with new accounting regulations.
  • Enable quicker integration of acquisitions into billing operations to capitalize on synergies.
  • Improve cash flow with better billing, dunning and customer communications for any type of revenue

Seamlessly Integrate any Monetization Model
with Existing Operations without Lengthy and Expensive IT Programming

BillingPlatform can automate any new operational workflow or set business rules with configuration,
not code!
Manage customer account hierarchies with multiple subsidiaries and complex roll-ups for enterprise contracts to reduce rebilling and improve customer satisfaction and the overall experience. Discover More
Ensure the system is tightly connected to the existing financial ecosystem so that new billing processes are seamlessly aligned with sales, accounting, payment processing, and taxation. Discover More
Capture subscription, usage or consumption data and automate the process from service selection and metered rating through invoicing and payment to eliminate hands-on intervention. Discover More
Analyze and report key metrics including MRR, ARR, retention, customer lifetime value and churn enhanced by billing on a common platform for consolidated forecasting and planning. Discover More

Improve Revenue Recognition
of Point-in-Time, Scheduled or Obligation-Based Distributions to Comply with New Accounting Regulations

BillingPlatform can be configured to fit any revenue scenario, making it possible to stay compliant regardless of industry or geography

  • Increase transparency as business rules for real-time revenue recognition can be aligned to corporate compliance requirements with no separate module required.
  • Reduce errors with better contract management for more accurate pricing with discounts, rebates and tiered consumption (a focus area of ASC606/ IFRS15).
  • Avoid delays in the billing cycle as the system performs assignment to the GL with a rule-based approach as revenue events happen and as payments are made.
  • Design robust audit trail reports to accurately track financial obligations that comply with new GAAP standards.

Enable Quicker Integration of Acquisitions
into Billing Operations to Capitalize on Synergies

Maintain customer confidence during merger integration with the ability to support multiple brands without custom code.
Handle the needs of internal organizations, subsidiaries, resellers and agents with adaptable invoices, communication templates and customer-centric dunning configuration.
Harness the system’s ability to scale with high volume throughput to create value from centralized processing.
Adapt to new geographies with multiple currencies, languages and time zones, varying date formats and the ability to support new taxation and compliance regimes.

Improve Cash Flow
with Real-Time Billing, Dunning and Customer Communications

BillingPlatform provides the flexibility you need as business models evolve and change without sacrificing accuracy and speed.

  • Reduce billing support traffic with a configurable portal making it easy for your customers, partners and resellers to access updated information about their account.
  • Use automated tools with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities to manage high volume period closes across different regions for faster payment by international customers.
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) with customer-centric invoicing, frequency of communications, payment and dunning configurations.
  • Ensure tighter alignment between billing rules and general ledger accounts, shortening the close cycle and reducing manual reconciliations.

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