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Our industry agnostic billing solution adjusts perfectly to the needs of any industry, offering a comprehensive suite of features that help businesses thrive in a world of ever-increasing demand and changing dynamics.


We’ve helped companies with diverse backgrounds streamline their operations to create a synergistic flow between systems and processes that promotes success and dramatically speed revenue recognition.

airlinesAirlinesWhen Communications enters the cloud - literally, billing can become a challenge. Support for specialized inventory management and complex usage rating and taxation for a range of communication services and specialized product offerings becomes simplified by a platform ...
energyEnergyToday, the energy trade is more dynamic than ever. Today the consumer has evolving alternatives that make it important to design new, competitive services and bundles that provide economic advantages that provide new revenue opportunities while improving customer retention.
satelliteCellular CommunicationsIn an environment of heavy competition and global ubiquity, cellular services continue to evolve both in function as well as complexity. New, global demand presents not only new opportunities but also new and growing complexities in billing both for the end customer as well as for compliance, taxation and intra-LATA relationships.
voipVOIPAlong with expanded capabilities of VOIP comes increased demand as well as stiff competition. The ability to provide unified product offerings with several billable dimensions on both retail and wholesale levels is critical to success.
videoVideo CommunicationsGlobal Broad-band access has opened the door to a flood of opportunity in entertainment as well as business services. Video communications has now become the glue that brings global organizations together in the modern enterprise.
engineeringEngineeringBilling for industrial engineering services can become complex as customer demand highly specific charge break-down for evolving business and project life-cycles.
satelliteSatelliteSatellite communications comes with its own unique challenges in usage collection, mediation and billing. Whether you need to rate TAP2 formatted CDRs or monetize several broad-band products from a single feed, The platform has you covered in just clicks - not code.
oil and gasOil and GasThe global economy today thrives on Oil and Gas. As new energy alternatives begin to emerge, so do new technologies and new ways of billing these new resources.
aerospaceAerospaceThe platform that brings the cloud to your door also supports the industry that takes you beyond the clouds and into a universe of products, services, compliance and regulation.
transportationsTransportationsAs the world becomes more densely populated and and the cost of energy is on the rise, the demand for cheap, clean transportation grows. Consumers of these services need an easy to manage and pay their transportation fees with a variety of metered and subscription options...
conferensingTeleconferencingTeleconferencing billing is one of the most complex in an industry that is fiercely competitive. The ability to support multidimensional products and services with several bundled options in real time requires sophisticated and robust Billing Systems that can be quickly configured to compete with aggressive pricing pressures in a global marketplace.
network infrastuctureNetwork InfrastructureThe worlds communication services are supported by an network of highly complex and large-scale infrastructure components that span the globe.READ MORE
portIntermodalMost or the world’s economy depends on import and export of goods. The worlds Ports are where the interchange of these products takes place in volume.
mediaMediaModern media service can take a vast array of forms from newspapers and magazines to a wide array of online services like movies, music and broadcasting. The process of billing for these services is equally vast with limitless permutations of subscriptions, metered charges, packaging and bundling.
medicalMedicalTechnological advances in the Medical field are both helping to save lives while introducing new ways of charging for products and services. Medical device rental is one of those areas where billing becomes intertwined with inventory management across variety of locations.
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