Invoicing Options

BillingPlatform automates even the most complex invoicing schedule and gives your customers the specific information they need to pay their bills on time…improving cash flow and customer satisfaction. With BillingPlatform’s flexible branding capabilities, deliver customized invoices that support customers across diverse lines of business.

Create Invoices that are more accurate
and reduce Days Sales Outstanding

Improve cash flow by strengthening the clarity and comprehensiveness of  information provided to customers on their invoices

  • Customizable Invoice Templates - Use BillingPlatform to define customizable templates that group and summarize requested customer information. Invoices that are easy to understand promote quicker customer payment.
  • Invoice and Charging Cycles - Leverage BillingPlatform to adapt your processes to customer segments and unique timing and grouping requirements.
  • Event-Based Invoicing - Go beyond simple time-based cycles to automate highly specific event-based invoicing behavior with BillingPlatform, reducing mistakes and saving time to get bills out the door.
  • Global Invoicing - With the globalization of business increasing, let BillingPlatform handle multiple closing periods, languages, currencies and tax authorities within one system.

Customizable Invoice Templates

In BillingPlatform, you can easily configure any number of invoice and document templates and even assign them individually to subsidiaries, customers, or specific market segments…without requiring a custom coding project.


Large enterprises often struggle to support multiple brands within their legacy billing system while still maintaining accuracy and clarity across internal organizations, reseller channels and agents.

Our Solution

Use BillingPlatform’s  flexible and highly granular branding capabilities across multiple levels of your customer-facing business components, especially to support customers during acquisitions as diverse lines of business are combined and rationalized.

Invoice and Charging Cycles

Automate subscriptions, metered usage, and payments on a variety of configurable and dynamic billing and payment cycles.


Many systems perform static monthly billing but struggle with the need for shortened or lengthened billing cycles, rules for leases or rolling cycles, invoicing when shipments are complete, or changes due to credit conditions.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform can adapt charging cycles to your business processes and customers, so you can design weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual as well as automated event-based invoicing cycles with flexible closing and invoice delivery dates, improving customer satisfaction and improving days sales outstanding (DSO) metrics.

Event-based Invoicing

For event-triggered billing, speed the approval process and get paid faster by segregating charges into separate invoices for appropriate routing, reducing the potential for disputes in real time.


Limited options for automated invoice cycles can cause delays in receiving payment when billing is triggered by distinct events (e.g. acceptance of a project, delivery of a specified number of widgets, or percent completion)...especially when different charging centers are involved.

Our Solution

With BillingPlatform, your products can be configured to close and send separate invoices based on specific events or actions in real time to dramatically improve cash flow by avoiding large monthly statements that must be routed through various departments.

Global Scope

Conform to regional, domestic and cross-border country-specific invoice requirements through business rule configuration or integration with corporate tax applications.


Invoicing protocols must evolve as new markets are added or regulations and country requirements change – often resulting in lengthy IT projects to prevent legal disputes or negative customer reactions.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform can provide different currencies, language and date formats within each customer profile, invoice and communication templates, and delivery options for compliance with regional tax or common trade requirements.

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