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Faster Growth with Technology that will Evolve as You Do

BillingPlatform handles everything from pure digital to a myriad of services and physical products

  • Take advantage of agile cloud-based billing to handle new types of revenue opportunities without lengthy software development projects.
  • Integrate a new enterprise-grade billing solution seamlessly within the existing IT architecture.
  • Choose a partner that follows strong industry-standard security protocols to safeguard your business.
  • Cut ongoing operating costs using a secure SaaS cloud platform with geographic diversity.

Take Advantage of Agile Cloud-Based Billing to Handle
New Types of Revenue Opportunities without Software Development Projects

BillingPlatform can function as a robust standalone platform or seamlessly integrate with internal or external systems to monetize any offering
Provide for various pricing and rating strategies – from monthly subscriptions to metered usage and event-based triggers - so that the billing system can easily handle future product scenarios. Discover More
Define custom roles, views, and dashboards so that diverse departments can work with just the specific information they need. Discover More
Speed up implementation, performing in weeks what usually takes months while reducing the need for expensive custom code. Discover More
Use the platform’s metadata infrastructure to integrate and interact with any system using built-in, dynamic REST and SOAP APIs. Discover More

Integrate a New Enterprise-Grade Billing Solution Seamlessly
within the Existing IT Architecture

BillingPlatform’s unique platform and metadata architecture provides comprehensive billing capabilities, scale and flexibility

  • Design custom workflows that automate and structure existing business requirements, no matter how complex or unique, reducing calls for IT support.
  • Leverage open integration with multiple applications including CPQ, financial and ERP systems to optimize the quote-to-cash process.
  • Address connectivity with financial payment partners such as credit card companies, banks and ACHs to reduce friction in the revenue process.
  • Reduce dependence on legacy systems and manual workarounds to improve agility so IT can focus on new initiatives.

Choose a Partner that Follows Strong Industry-Standard
Security Protocols to Safeguard your Business

BillingPlatform makes it easy for IT leaders to fulfill compliance requirements
Ensure a strong cloud environment with geographically redundant data centers with up-to-the-minute replication and failover to ensure business continuity.
Discover More
Use a vendor that adheres to SOC and PCI certification requirements with regular software scans and internal audits by third parties.
Discover More
Respond to compliance initiatives with a platform that enables accurate recurring revenue pricing with discounts, rebates and tiered consumption (a focus area of ASC606/ IFRS15).
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Choose a platform with secure authorization flows (SAML 2.0) to enable customer and channel partner portals and internal role-based dashboards.
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Cut Ongoing Operating Costs
Using a Secure SaaS Cloud Platform with Geographic Redundancy

BillingPlatform delivers a sophisticated billing solution without start-up programming
and cap-ex

  • Utilize a platform that adapts to the unique variables of your industry in order to maximize speed and accuracy.
  • Deploy IT talent to help optimize workflow with configurable automation rather than costly high-maintenance workarounds for legacy systems.
  • BillingPlatform helps you utilize expandable SaaS capabilities to handle high volume transactions.
  • Train administrators, business analysts and end users on platform tools for changing product offerings and reduce reliance on internal support.

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