Payment and Receivables Management

BillingPlatform not only initiates accurate pricing, billing and invoicing, but also provides full support for payment and receivables activities to round out an efficient revenue cycle…improving collections and reducing cycle time.

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Improve revenue collection while addressing customer needs

BillingPlatform provides configurable workflow and business rules for payment and receivables management

  • Payment Options - BillingPlatform gives your customers flexible options for their payment gateway with lockbox capabilities and pre- and post- payment options for usage and subscription services.
  • Receivables Management -BillingPlatform makes it easy to provide real-time information and reporting to the accounting team, improving collections and reducing cycle times.
  • Dunning BillingPlatform delivers customer-centric dunning flows to ensure you are communicating effectively with different types and levels of customers.
  • Credits and Refunds - Your Accounting team can control credits and refunds with BillingPlatform's flexible attributes allowing manual or automated processing along with approval hierarchies.

Payment Options

Give customers the convenience of online bill payment or payments via credit card or ACH that are immediately reflected on their account balance.


For global enterprises, cash flows can be delayed if the billing system doesn’t natively process multiple countries currencies and varying payment types.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform is SOC and PCI compliant and integrates with all payment processing applications for any currency, utilizing configurable business rules to govern gateway settings and minimize processing costs across regions.

Receivables Management

Assist Accounting, Collections and Customer Care personnel with customized receivables reporting while providing real-time information to customers.


Accounting departments often struggle maintaining good customer relationships while making sure collections are current and getting accurate information on revenue trends.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s automated processes and invoicing attributes reduce time spent managing disputes. BillingPlatform also offers self-service customer portals that can provide your customers with up-to-the-minute status – allowing staff to focus on improving collection metrics and cash flow forecasts.


Keep customers informed of outstanding balances with aging and transaction information in a manner customized to their preferences.


One-size-fits-all dunning from legacy billing systems slows down your collections and may lead to more extended dispute cycles, increasing delinquencies and decreasing customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s customer-centric dunning configuration supports language and culture preferences and can ensure that you are providing the right message to the right customer to help ensure your balances are collected on time.

Credits and Refunds

Mitigate one of the most labor intensive parts of the billing cycle with business rules and workflow to match your organization’s accounting processes for credits and refunds.


Basic billing systems are good at simple transactions but struggle when it comes to credits for common recurring revenue scenarios where tiered pricing or subscription duration may change mid-cycle.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform is built to handle real-time charging, payment and credit adjustments routed automatically to customer balances and GL accounts preserving accurate reporting and ensuring that you and your customers always have an accurate status.



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