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Automate Critical Processes and Data Flows

Achieve the system and application extensions that drive your business forward with BillingPlatform. Through integrations and extensions, we connect directly with the critical systems to simplify and automate complex billing scenarios, such as usage. But our flexible platform can also extend the capabilities of our system to achieve much more throughout your financial ecosystem.

As the only cloud-based billing platform that adapts to 100% of business needs, you can flex to any model. Connect with tax, ERP and CRMs and then create new workflows. Our customizable workflow engine, APIs and Web toolkits allow you to extend automation to other systems. Or custom build your own applications within the platform in a low-code environment. We create solutions that conforms to your business.


Object Model Extensions

Take full advantage of our highly configurable and customizable application data model, communication framework, UI, and integration platform to ensure that the application conforms to the way your enterprise functions and operates.

Our billing solution gives your team ultimate creative power through a completely configurable and extensible data model and User interface. Structure the data and system access to meet the demands of diverse business processes and regions to ensure an exact fit or encourage a new way. Create custom objects, fields and relationships that reflect the way you need to operate and then expose them within custom search, list and page layouts that are configurable within minutes.



Define workflow actions that can enhance communications, data quality and integrations with a variety of workflow actions and execution filters. Our billing solution provides simple, yet powerful tools for configuring and managing workflow that can be used to update data, send email notifications, and make external HTTP or web service call-outs.

Advanced workflow can be structured to call custom system code modules and functions for ultimate control over system events and associated extensions. Orchestrate workflow timing with built-in sequencing and scheduling of workflow actions to ensure the order in which workflow actions execute as well as create batch or scheduled workflow for time-sensitive triggers.


Business Rules

Ensure the integrity relevance of the data that enters your system with configurable, business rules that consist of flexible, formula-based validations at the field and object level that are enforced both on the user interface as well as web services, bulk data loads and within workflow field updates.



Integrate BillingPlatform with powerful tools for managing and extracting data remotely from any system over HTTP using strongly typed, SOAP protocol. Our SOAP API dynamically reflects the most current changes to your system data model and provides DML operations on all objects in the system using a bulk interface.

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Like the SOAP API, our REST API dynamically reflects the system data model and provides powerful DML capabilities in bulk on all objects accessible in the system. Use the REST API and JSON to create lightweight, web apps on top of a comprehensive, billing, product and customer information system.


SSO with SAML and O-Auth

Leverage our billing solution as both a service provider as well as identity provider for Single Sign-on using SAML or O-Auth. Easily configure and define remote IDP and Local IDP setups for secure, user access over SSO.

web development tools

Web Development Toolkit

Extend our billing solution with lightweight, custom, web user interfaces that are accessible via mobile applications that have access to the full power of the platform using our REST API and JavaScript tool-kit. Move beyond object model and UI customizations to quickly develop functional applications that serve specific business purposes exposed over secure HTTPS protocol.

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