Our open integration frameworkallows your critical applications to speak freely with each other

Our open integration framework allows your critical applications to speak freely with each other in a unified cloud ecosystem.

The metadata infrastructure provides dynamic ability to integrate and interact with its data model from any system using built-in, dynamic REST and SOAP API’s that immediately reflect configuration changes in the system.

Leverage the API to connect key systems such as SAP, Peoplesoft, NetSuite, and for input as well as output of data to create a seamless, efficient ecosystem that can flex for changes streamline everything from sales to provisioning to accounting dramatically reducing errors and revenue leaks along the way.

Keep your front-end systems connected with Single Sign-on using SAML and O-Auth for a harmonized, simplified user experience and centralized, corporate access control.

Leverage real-time, outbound service calls connected to an orchestrated network of workflow actions designed to tie systems and data together in response to critical changes on any record or data element in the system.

Create plug-ins to override and extend the system user interfaces and present data and process exactly the way you need them to by leveraging our light-weight, JavaScript, REST toolkit using simple HTML and CSS to create engaging applications for desk-top as well as mobile applications.



Integrate BillingPlatform with powerful tools for managing and extracting data remotely from any system over HTTP using strongly typed, SOAP protocol. Our SOAP API dynamically reflects the most current changes to your system data model and provides DML operations on all objects in the system using a bulk interface.



Like the SOAP API, our REST API dynamically reflects the system data model and provides powerful DML capabilities in bulk on all objects accessible in the system. Use the REST API and JSON to create light-weight, web apps on top of a comprehensive, billing, product and customer information system.


and O-Auth

Leverage BillingPlatform as both as service and identity provider for Single Sign-on using SAML or O-Auth. Easily configure and define remote IDP and Local IDP setups for Secure, User access over SSO.

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