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Design a Complete Billing Solution for Products and Services

Design the product suite that gives you exactly what you need to compete in a global market – without compromise.

BillingPlatform provides the basic building blocks to complete the most ambitious vision for products and services with a comprehensive set of the rating components and associated controls necessary to monetize anything.



Metered and Usage Rating

Integrate our billing solution with any source for metered services and monetize it with simple yet powerful metered product configurations. Leverage the platform to define any custom attribute to use from your usage data and define natural billing identifiers that route metered events to the appropriate accounts, packages and products for rating and invoicing.

Whether based on time or quantity, you define the increment that constitutes a billable charge as well as the associated rounding rules at the product default, package or customer-instance.

Metered product setup allows you to easily define a full suite of metered offerings with a variety of configurations from any source to support a fully-automated, end-to-end, collection, mediation rating and invoicing process for your enterprise in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

metered usage

Subscriptionsand recurring charges

Support a wide variety of pre and postpaid subscription cycles with several behaviors such as proration, early termination, activation invoice.

Associate multiple, metered components combinations to provide flat-rate with overage based on custom groupings and thresholds as well as aggregation levels.

Further define tiered rate schedules on any overage component. Whether you sell B2B or B2C, you have a comprehensive set of charging behaviors to define your service offering exactly the way it was intended, without compromise.

Comprehensive subscription management tools let you define how and when subscription products can be terminated, upgraded, extended, or amended. A complex set of rules and workflow can be defined at product setup to support ease of provisioning, customer service, and automation.

tired pricing

Tiered Pricing

Whether you sell metered or subscription services, you can easily configure our billing solution for volume discounts or increases based on tiers, thresholds and grouping you define and manage at the product, package or customer-contract level.

Provide pricing based on the amount used or number of instances provisioned.

Define the aggregation level at which the tier and associated rate are determined.

Define tiered rate schedules independently across different currencies independently for maximum flexibility and regional compliance.


Event-Based Billing Cycles

With built-in usage collection and mediation, your products can be configured to close and send separate invoices based on a particular attribute collected during the course of a pre-defined grouping of metered events. This means that you can automate invoicing of a product in order to bill it in real-time and recognize its revenue as fast as possible.

These events can extend beyond usage and work in conjunction with web services, workflow or users’ general data entry such that a change to any field associated with a customer account or related object can drive invoicing behavior on a defined set of products.

Our billing solution also allows for the definition of metered invoicing cycles specific to a usage product. This means that a given product or group of products can have a billing cycle, independent of the invoicing cycle defined for the customer to further minimize revenue recognition cycles on a logical boundary that fits appropriate business processes and customer expectations.


One-Time Charges, Fees and Conditional Rating

In addition to recurring charges, the system supports one-time charges and fees such as ad-hoc product sales or late fees.

Conditional charges can be configured as a percentage or a discount based on product type to support scenarios where additional charges can be assessed as a flat rate or percentage of the charges accrued on a specified product. For example, a setup fee charged for a particular product or service that could be charged at a flat rate or percentage of the associated product’s charge.


Rating Formulas

At the end of the day, business needs to move forward in a specific way and that may not fit traditional metered or subscription methods available in any system. To accommodate this, a product’s rating method could be the result of a completely custom pricing formula that can leverage any related data element including related product charges within the context of a common package, invoice or billing cycle.

This simple, yet comprehensive formula language can deliver the logic needed in situations where nothing else will work. Specific customer pricing is still configurable independent of the pricing formula, such that one formula can be leveraged while still providing the ability to customize rates and leverage pricing tiers across customers’ individual contracts and rate plans.

rating formulas


Our billing solution supports internationalized product catalogs with the ability to configure each product, package and contract with different rates for different currencies.

Set your system up to define which currencies to expose for use in setup, billing and rating.

Dynamic currency conversion is also available at runtime leveraging the conversion plug-in of choice.

Rate and display charges in the currencies and locale relevant to each customer based on the currency and locale defined on the customer’s billing profile.



Leverage built-in taxation capabilities or integrate with tax providers such as bill-soft to ensure your services are compliant with government tax laws. The platform makes it easy to manage taxes by service or category or by any custom rule necessary to ensure you stay compliant.

packages and bundles

Packages and Bundling

Leverage the ability to bundle products and services and provide specialized pricing and rating behaviors. Packaging also provides an easy way to organize and provision a common set of products and for simplified provisioning and management in call centers or online, self-service product catalogs.

Define which products along with the associated pricing, minimums and hierarchical dependencies comprise a competitive package as either a template for further configuration for B2B customers or as an absolute pricing contract for B2C.

Our flexible product configuration allows you the ability to define rules for when pricing and even rating methods can be overridden at the provisioning as well as packaging level.


Product Relationships and Hierarchies

Your Enterprise product catalog can drive the success of your company. The flexibility that you have regarding to how you define your competitive offering goes a long way in your ability to quickly and easily satisfy demand and gain market share.

In addition to an almost infinite set of options in product and rating configurations, your products and services can be further extended by creating rules and relationships to help automate sales and renewals and provide business rules to govern when and what can be sold to whom.

Leverage our billing solution to define inter-product relationships to support

  1. Upsell and cross sell suggestions and rules
  2. Product and package Upgrade and downgrade paths
  3. Usage rollover behaviors
  4. Bulk rate updates across subscribers or across a configured customer or product filter.
  5. Revenue thresholds for provisioning or discount rules
  6. Minimum and maximum provisioning dependencies.
  7. Custom, formula-based business rules to fit specific business scenarios.


Communication Templates and Workflow

With unlimited communication templates and an intuitive and configurable workflow process, the platform provides seamless communication about critical systems, revenue and product events that can speed the flow of business and streamline critical processes while engaging customers to renew services, try new offerings, leverage self-management tools and respond to critical service alerts in real time.



Use our enterprise billing system to easily configure a variety of dunning flows to accommodate diverse languages and cultures, different types and levels of customer and ultimately encourage and engage customers to pay their bills on time.


System Alerts

Leverage real-time notifications and alerts along with reconciliation tools to empower your billing operations team to troubleshoot problems with any aspect of the monetization process before it becomes your customer’s problem.

scheduled reports

Scheduled Reports

Leverage our enterprise billing software to schedule reports and configurable dashboards to keep customers, partners and managers informed of critical information they can use to help grow business and manage operations.

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