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Enhance your End-to-End
Monetization Process

Unlimited Supportfor Metered Rating, Subscriptions, Invoicing, Payments, Dunning & more

Enhance your end-to-end monetization process in real-time with unlimited support for usage collection, invoicing, payments, dunning, and more.

Monetize an unlimited catalog of diverse offerings in real-time. From simple charging models to the most complex billing scenarios, the platform contains a comprehensive list of features.

real time rating

Real-time Rating and Invoicing

BillingPlatform is a dynamic, billing, rating, and invoicing ecosystem that automatically collects metered data and interacts with external systems in real time to process and rate metered usage, subscriptions, payments, credits and refunds on a variety of configured and interpreted billing and payment cycles.


Dynamic Invoicing and Charging cycles

In our platform, there is never a hard-wired notion of a billing or invoicing cycle. This is because invoicing and rating is a continuum that can give your customers what they want with Customer-centric, invoicing and payment options. It can shorten revenue recognition intervals with automated, Product-specific and Event-based Invoicing Cycles.


Customer-centric Collections

Customer-centric Dunning Configuration can ensure that you are providing the right message to the right customer to help ensure your revenue is collected on time.


Real-time Usage Collection and Mediation

Usage Collection and Mediation paired with dynamic invoicing and payment cycles provides ultimate choice for a fluid revenue assurance model and an ultimate monetization strategy.

usage collection

Subscription Management

Comprehensive Subscription Management provides the ability to better control multi-dimensional and varying, automated subscription processing by providing configurable rules for upgrades, downgrades, renewals, and early termination.


Credits and Refunds

Easily automate and control Credits & Refunds with configurable rules for manual as well as automated processing with approvals and workflow.

integration platform

System Integrations

Integrate with accounting systems such as SAP, Great Plains, Quick-books and NetSuit to automate critical accounting and reporting processes.

Leverage built in web services and out-bound integration mechanisms to integrate with CRM systems like and Sales Logix to close the gaps between sales, and revenue providing a seamless order-to-cash process that keeps revenue in motion.


Promotions, discounts and Coupons

Easily configure Promotions, Discounts and Coupons for B-2-C offerings to develop an automated, centrally managed infrastructure that encourage usage of under-utilized products and services without expending excessive time, energy and resources on manual controls and cumbersome processes.


Event-based Notifications and Alerts

Keep your Personal, Partners and customers informed of critical billing events such as credit-card expirations, Subscription and contract terminations; Usage and Integration errors proactively and in real-time with configurable alerts, workflow and reports.

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