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BillingPlatform’s enterprise billing engine provides a comprehensive suite of features to enable companies in every industry across the world. We give you the power to design dynamic product offerings, monetize your end-to-end process, integrate with critical applications, gain valuable business intelligence, and design the model and business logic that fully supports your needs.

BillingPlatform does exactly what you need – by design. Foundational to the platform is its ability to quickly and easily be configured to suit every aspect of your billing operation. See how the platform’s unique architecture helps companies streamline their operations today and scale for the future.

customer invoicing

Customer-Centric Invoicing,Payment and Dunning

Leverage customer-centric invoicing, payment, and dunning configuration to speed the flow of revenue. With BillingPlatform, you can automate even the most complex invoicing schedule because invoicing, dunning and payment processing are defined at the customer level. Process invoices differently for each customers and determine the cycle and close day. Ensure that your customers stay informed of their outstanding balances with the ability to apply custom dunning flows, relevant to each customer.


Products, Packages and Rate Classes

Structure a product catalog that directly reflects your enterprise strategic sales and marketing initiatives within minutes using product and package configuration tools that make even the most complex offering easy to develop, deploy and manage across the enterprise.


High-volumeSubscription Management

Comprehensive subscription management provides the ability to better control multi-dimensional and varying, automated subscription processing by providing configurable rules for upgrades, downgrades, renewals, and early termination.


High-Volume UsageCollection and Mediation

Automate high volume usage, rating, and mediation to fully capitalize on your metered offerings. Easily configure the system to digest raw usage data in any format to your product catalog and customer rate plans in real-time.

high volume metered usege

Credit Card and ACH Configuration

Integrate with the merchant provider of choice to give your customer the convenience of on-line bill pay or automated credit card and ACH processing. Payments processed via credit card or ACH are immediately reflected on the customer’s account balance. Alerts and communication templates for expiring cards and declined payments are easily configurable in the system, and refunds can be processed easily via online management user interface.


User Access And Security

Control access to every object and user interface from tabs down to fields with Read, Create, Update and Delete access levels assignable by an unlimited number of standard and custom roles granted to each user. Control access at the record level by defining sharing groups and filters to expose the right data to the right people and nothing more at all times.

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