July 24, 2024

Managing Multi-Year Deals on a Single Quote in Salesforce & BillingPlatform

managing multi-year deals webinar

Your sales team just closed a multi-year deal – congratulations! But how does the office of finance bill for it? How (and when) should they be recognizing the revenue? Uh oh…

If you’re struggling with how to organize multi-year deals into a single quote using Salesforce, we’ve got the answer! Join Milo Massimo and BillingPlatform as we dive into how you can use Salesforce and BillingPlatform together to streamline your quoting process with quote line groups. During this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Understanding multi-year deals and how they impact the bottom line
  • Challenges of managing these deals from a compliance standpoint
  • The value of Quote Line Groups

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