and Compliance

Control your billing operations with a secure and compliant solution that can adapt to any market regulation or standard

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Your Essential Billing Data — Safe & Secure

Minimize regulatory risk with a secure, compliant billing solution.

Secure Architecture

With BillingPlatform, confidential data is protected and encrypted within our secure, cloud-based solution. Give your customers peace of mind that their information is safe and secure.

Our platform keeps private customer data protected and confidential. BillingPlatform enables GDPR and CCPA compliance. BillingPlatform also follows the PCI security standard for credit card payment processing and offers the DKIM protocol for organizations sending emails from our solution.

Global Compliance

Easily align your billing processes with global regulatory standards and country-specific legislation with BillingPlatform’s comprehensive solution.

With BillingPlatform, establish tailored billing practices across all domestic and international business units according to current accounting standards. Ensure your enterprise’s revenue recognition aligns with ASC 606 or IFRS 15.

In addition, we help numerous domestic and global businesses achieve billing compliance through our SOC 1 & 2 audit processes.

Role-based Permissions

Define user-specific roles to ensure private customer data is only shared with those in your enterprise who absolutely need it. BillingPlatform gives you total control over user access and permissions within your solution.

Manage access to objects and fields with as well as control sharing settings for data visibility. Every change made is recorded so that you have a clear audit trail. BillingPlatform can help ensure confidential customer data is available to the appropriate people.

Audit History

BillingPlatform audit history makes auditing changes in the system easily accessible. Track changes on any data element within BillingPlatform including changes to configuration and data modifications. These changes are tracked at a field level enabling you to see the most granular changes.

The audit trail allows users to easily see the actions users performed, what changed and when.

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