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Best-in-class enterprise-level security to minimize risk and ensure compliance

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Your Essential Customer and Billing Data — Safe & Secure

Minimize regulatory risk with a secure, compliant billing solution.

Secure Architecture

With BillingPlatform, confidential customer and billing data is protected and encrypted within our secure, cloud-based architecture. Give your customers peace of mind that their information is safe and secure.

Our architecture keeps private customer data protected and confidential. We offer a proactive threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior; traffic monitoring for abnormal activity; multi-factor authentication; and a source code review process to help identify, prioritize, and resolve issues.

BillingPlatform also follows the PCI security standard for credit card payment processing and offers the DKIM protocol for organizations sending emails from our solution.

Global Compliance

Easily align your billing processes with global regulatory standards and country-specific legislation with BillingPlatform’s comprehensive solution.

With BillingPlatform, establish tailored billing practices across all domestic and international business units according to current accounting standards. Ensure your enterprise’s revenue recognition aligns with ASC 606 and IFRS 15.

For businesses that operate in the EU, BillingPlatform enables GDPR compliance and gives finance teams the functionality they need to meet the regulation’s standards.

Today, we help numerous domestic and global businesses ensure the proper internal controls over financial reporting and the privacy of customer data through SOC 1 & 2 compliance.

Application-Level Encryption

Application-level encryption is considered the most secure approach to enterprise data protection by going beyond the common step of securing data at-rest to ensure that only authenticated users with the appropriate privileges can access sensitive data.

BillingPlatfrom addresses this by encrypting highly sensitive and user-defined data prior to storage, adhering to FIPS 140-2 encryption Level 2 and Level 3 standards.

All encryption and decryption occurs by means of encryption keys. Customers manage these keys directly, guaranteeing control over the level of access granted to their data.

Role-based Permissions

Define user-specific roles to ensure private customer data is only shared with those in your enterprise who absolutely need it. BillingPlatform gives you total control over user access and permissions within your solution.

Manage access to objects and interfaces with Read, Create, Update, and Delete access levels, as well as control sharing settings for secure dashboards and reports. Every change made is recorded so that you have a clear audit trail. BillingPlatform can help you ensure confidential customer data is shared appropriately at all times.


Advanced Approvals

The approvals framework from BillingPlatform allows customers to manage change requests for custom entities, products, packages, pricing, contract rates and rate class changes. Customers can define which data changes require approvals to trigger and route requests to the appropriate approver and set approval chains as single or multi-level depending upon the significance of the request.

The approval dashboard provides a single interface to see all pending and past approvals and a quick and easy way to approve, reject, withdraw/resubmit or cancel requests. Built to be minimally intrusive, the framework also allows for “approval by exception”.

Audit History

BillingPlatform audit history makes auditing changes in the system easily accessible.

Audit logs centralize all user activity, allowing customers to track changes on any data element, including changes to configuration and data modifications to see what actions users performed, what changed and when. These changes are tracked at a field level enabling you to see the most granular modifications to the data.

With the SOC compliant solution from BillingPlatform, you have the internal controls needed for financial reporting and auditing.

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