Billing Automation

With built-in workflow, billing automation eliminates manual tasks through point & click configuration

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Manual billing eradicated: Enterprise-scale billing automation made easy

Automate any process—billing, invoicing, payments, collections, provisioning, dunning, approvals, notifications and more.

Workflow Engine

BillingPlatform is designed to execute billing processes at scale, so that finance teams can maximize productivity. Our workflow engine is fully integrated with every aspect of the application so that you can set up and orchestrate workflows involving multiple steps with our simple point-and-click interface enabling maximum productivity and minimal manual activity.

With workflow built-in, you can automate any process with ease and efficiency. Not only do we offer common automation tasks for most business scenarios, but finance teams can configure tailored workflows based on any element within the platform satisfying specific requirements.


Improve response time and customer satisfaction with automated alerts and notifications when critical events happen. BillingPlatform offers sophisticated system notifications for both your users and your customers.

Application users will benefit by receiving proactive notification of any billing issues. These alerts are displayed on home screen or emailed to subscribed users for direct action.

Send customers automated notifications for missed payments, when a credit card expires or is declined, or if a customer is approaching a defined threshold on a contract.

Document Generation

BillingPlatform provides the ability to dynamically generate and populate PDFs, XLS or Word documents with application data utilizing templates, and automate delivery.

  • Generate welcome documents for new accounts
  • Include supporting documents when sending invoice PDFs to customers
  • Send documents to customers triggered from custom objects created in the platform
  • Generate and send credit memo PDF when a credit is created

And with our process console, you can monitor document generation processes running in the system. This real-time view provides vital statistics about all processes running, execution status, and pending work item counts.

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